Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What a Week!

I've been meaning to blog but life has been crazy round these parts. Three weeks without a car has been a pain in my bony butt. Between getting Massey to and from  school, getting Zach and me back and forth to work and getting errands run and done I feel like an underpaid cab driver.

Zach paid for the repairs on the BMW (which weren't cheap) so we're letting him have it. He only has to pay  the insurance and upkeep. Tim balked at the idea originally but after two days of not speaking to me finally agreed.

We bought TJ a car  when he turned sixteen and granted we were still doing well financially but TJ started working when he was fifteen and paid for his own car insurance and his high school yearbooks, senior dues and gas for the car.

When Zach turned sixteen, I wouldn't even let him drive my lawn mower much less my car. He was a terrible driver. He didn't get his driving permit til he was almost eighteen and couldn't believe they actually gave him one then. He hit a rough patch around the same time and after a year of  breaking my heart, came to his senses in a big way. Yes he screwed up royally but also manned up and paid for his actions.

In the meantime when Massey turned seventeen and we were just starting to keep our chins above water, we sold Tim's car and made enough to get an older model car for him and a little older model Ford Focus for Massey...and she doesn't even have a job..

Don't get me wrong, she's a great girl and does terrific in school. She has a good head on her shoulders and is chomping at the bit for a college education. She doesn't deserve to have broke parents and hate  she has suffered from our financial misfortune. I remember being a  seventeen year old girl in high school. Peer pressure is brutal and ridicule is freely tossed towards anyone who is a "Have Not." It was embarrassing for her but even more so for me. It didn't help everyone at school knew about her brother's debacle.

I had friends who stepped up and helped Massey. I had family who helped Massey. It just bothered me  that "I" couldn't help Massey. I have a lot of family and friends to pay back.

The thing is...we gave TJ his first car, we gave Massey her first car. Why  can't we give Zach his first car,  considering he's paid well over a thousand dollars for the repairs and turned his life around?

I'm kinda ashamed to say he spent thirty days in the county prison but he did the crime and paid his time. He was in a work release program and strip searched every night when I drove him back after work. I know it was humiliating to him but was absolutely heart breaking to me. He never complained about it,  but every single night he got out of my car the last thing he said was "I love you."

That goes a long way in my book.

So now Zach has a convertible. It's a money pit but it's the start of summer and if it lasts til the leaves start dropping in the Fall, he'll have the best summer of his life. He deserves it. He's cleaned up (still has a smart mouth) but has made me really proud. He has a full  time job he loves and is on the straight and much so that some of his friends laugh  about what a straight up guy he is now. His friends laugh...I beam a huge smile!

Massey has been really nice about letting me drive her car and will be delighted to know that I pick up MY new/used  car tomorrow.

No I'm not a soccer mom but could play one on TV with this car!
So now I have a car payment again.  Only $200 a month and must be getting old cause I kinda like this wagon!

Lucky for me, Massey has landed under the wings of many people who love and do for her when I can't. Do I feel  embarrassed? That would be a big fat yes but having your kid be happy is worth it.

I don't forget that I also have three pups in the mix. People hands down saved my oldest pup, Ham from heart worms. I'm battling with the vet specialists about having lens implants for him. They call it elective surgery  but I call it "Let's do it surgery." I'm having my vet call the specialists and tell them they think he can survive the surgery.

So I still have my house. I have given all three kids cars. I have given my pup (with lots and lots of help) a healthy life.

I'm starting a promotion at one job and keeping the other. You can never be too careful.

Who would think that at  the age of over half a century I would have so many new things going on? Not this Chica!

Wait til I blog about my Johnny Dear tomorrow night!

Til next  time...COTTON

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