Sunday, April 21, 2013

Looks Like Lucy is Moving up in the Candy Factory!

This is how I see my newest part time job promotion.

I've been working as a sales associate for a furniture store three days a week since the beginning of February. I'm still working at  the restaurant as well but after almost three years of working shift after shift, day after day it was beginning to drain me emotionally and physically. Waiting tables is no easy job if done correctly and  my tiny worn out body was screaming for relief.

A good friend from high school who reads my blog came to my rescue. She is head of the HR dept for a furniture store that had a location in the city where we live. She told her boss, the owner about me and suggested I might be a good salesperson for his company.

For  about three months I have been selling food three days a week and selling furniture another three. I work off commission and have  actually had some lucrative weeks. I've lived here for seventeen years, worked  for the school system for seven years and always waited tables . For fourteen years I was at  the dastardly "Western Sizzler" and the last three have been at my current restaurant so I know a lot of people  and a lot of people know me. It's been to my advantage at both jobs.

I felt totally like a fish out of water at my new job but work with two incredibly helpful and nice people who "Know their stuff" and have helped tutor me.  The store is only open four days a week and gave me plenty of time to keep working at  the reataurant.

The owner of the furniture store contacted me a few weeks ago and said he was going to open the store seven days a week and asked if I was interested in becoming the mid week manager? I'd open and close the store three days a week by other words, I'd make ALL the sales and commision.

I went back and forth for a few days.  Geez, I barely knew how to be a sales associate and now they want me to be a manager?

Shortly after the offer we met my brother for dinner at the restaurant where Zach works. I tossed the idea to my brother (who is a successful businessman) and his response was "You won't know unless you  try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Here's the thing.  Both my parents are gone and both my Sib's have replaced them. My sister and brother both thought I should go for it so needless to say, I did.

I've been taking notes like crazy. I've filled up half a binder. My serving job I can do blindfolded, this new position is like sticking Lucy on the candy line way too early...not to mention there will be no Ethel to help me.

Massey picked me up from work tonight, my last training session in which I screwed up doing  closing reports and had to call one of the bosses on his cell to let him know.

I'm a nervous wreck but Massey made a good point. "Momma, if you  think  you are going to fail you will. Think positive and positive things will happen."

I've prayed about and have just decided to take a leap of faith. If they had faith enough in me to offer me this chance, I should have faith in myself.

It's a lot to take in and a lot to learn but keep  telling myself "It isn't brain surgery but just energizing my own brain!"

If Jethro thought he could be a brain surgeon surely I can manage a furniture store three days a week as long as no one comes in and wants a lobotomy on the spot. It's not like I am  striving to be a double naught spy!

I work at the restaurant tomorrow and start as a manager at the furniture store on Tuesday. Yes I am nervous.

Guess we will see if you can actually teach an old dog new tricks . I'll never know unless I try.

Til next time...COTTON

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