Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Simply "WHEW!"

Boy was my second day on the new job was a lot different than my first! I had three times the number people come in to look and tried to familiarize myself with the computer system.  On the upside I didn't have to call anyone at  corporate until after 3PM. On the downside I had to call my buddy in  tech support at least five times after four.

A guy we'll just call "Job" (since he had the patience of a saint) came in with his wife and daughter and wanted to buy a queen size bed, dresser, mirror and mattress and box springs.

I've sold plenty of things since I've been there but none since I started opening the store by myself. I used to have a manager to rely on when I couldn't figure something out. Now I'm on my own and I'm a nervous wreck. The only time I am calm is when no one is in the store. When someone walks in I go into panic mode  thinking I am somehow going to screw up. So much for confidence! Hopefully it will come back gradually as I learn more and FEEL more confident.

Made a couple of fumbles processing the transaction and had to call tech  support. By this time I decided to be honest with Job and tell him it's my second day and he's my first sale. His four year old daughter seemed to like me so I chatted her up while sweat ran my back as I tried to finalize the sale. He wanted it all delivered tomorrow and I wanted to make sure we had everything he was buying in  stock in the back.

I rang up the wrong mattress which over billed him $100.00. No problem, let's just get my tech buddy (now BFFL) back on the phone. Let me say this guy at corporate is pretty  stinking savvy on a computer. He wasn't even near a computer when I called him the last time (well, the next to the next  to the last time) and he walked me through it instantly and clearly.

Since I did the bill of sale I have the man's address and am going to drop him a Thank You note in the mail. If it had been any other person I bet they would have walked out the door and said "Forget You! Ain't nobody got time for this!"

Massey stopped by after school  to bring me a spoon while I was finishing up "Job's" order. I had brought my lunch today (3 cartons of blueberry yogurt) and didn't have a utensil to eat them with. Maybe my brain was starving and that was my problem. Yeah, That's the ticket!

In the end the sale finally went through, they left and their furniture will be delivered tomorrow. I am  sure the minute they got back in their car  they looked at each other and said "What kind of idiot is SHE?"

As always, Massey boosted my spirits. After they left she helped me locate their bed, mattress and box springs and move them up to the delivery area so the guy could pick them up tomorrow and take them to Job. She made a good point "If you don't make mistakes, how will you learn to fix them?"

Tomorrow will be my last day alone this week. (Thank you Jesus) I feel more confident knowing that even though I needed help, I got it and everything turned out okay.

It's hard being almost fifty three and starting a new gig but I like it and think once I get it all down might be pretty good at it.

Funny story...Today before the whole "Job" debacle started the phone at work rang and I looked at  the number. It was slow and I had read six different training manuals and looked through the entire inventory list so I had settled at the counter by the front door to read "A Game of Thrones" for a while that my son loaned me, while no one was in the store. I thought it was my sister's cell number but to be sure I answered the phone like I normally do. Once I heard her faking a high voice saying "We just recently bought a house in White Water and wanted to know..." I interrupted her and said "Lady, I don't give a sh*t where you just bought a house I'm trying to read a book, can you call back?"

We both got a good laugh out of it. She was just calling to check up on me and give me moral support, which she constantly does, God bless her!

So I'm learning by  trial and error, seems the best way to truly learn anything. I'm hanging in there and feeling slightly more confident every day. You know, I thought working ten hours by myself would drag by but between learning the computer system and learning how to do everything else it's not that bad.

I think sending "Job" a Thank You note is a good idea too. How many people have ever received a Thank You note from someone they bought a mattress from? Probably not too many and he was so kind and patient he deserves it. Chalk one up for learning how to make a (hopefully) repeat customer!

Wish me luck...I need it!

Til next  time...COTTON

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