Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Blade on My Mower Goes Round and Round, Round and Round...

I wish my Johnny looked this clean. Then again, if he did he wouldn't be doing his part. Mine is mud splattered and covered with grass. My next door husband gave him a tune up, fixed his broken switch and bolted down all the rattling parts. He sharpened the blade, told me I needed a new one but I  happily jumped on him (Johnny) and started to cut.

I got my front yard cut but the grass was so high, at one point I hit a rock and the blade sound went up about twenty decibels. Not one to give up, I clattered along as I noticed blade marks in the lawn behind me. Luckily I was almost through and just told myself I was not only cutting but aerating  the lawn as well.

I couldn't ask my next  door husband for anymore favors (I like to save him for desperate pleas) so I simply parked Johnny in the garage and hoped that a good night's rest  would heal his wounds.

I got up this morning and attempted to cut my elderly neighbor's grass on the other side of my house. After mowing and plowing up his front yard on the first  turn I cut the blade off and went back to my house. I went to the John Deere store and bought another blade. I came home and my elderly neighbor loaned me his jack and attempted to jack up the mower. No go.

I called my brother in law, he came over and had the blade on in less than twenty minutes. I cut my neighbor's yard and went out back to cut the field growing behind my house. I took thirty minutes to scour the ground for rocks and dog bones. In low gear I mowed the back only hitting one tennis ball and one rock.

There is nothing more pleasing to me than mowing my yard unless you  count how much more wonderful it looks when you  go back and weed eat.

I spent five hours in the yard today. It felt great..I even shaved my legs last night for the occasion...not a small task after ten months of growth.I was starting to feel like my Spanish  teacher in elementary school. Note to self...don't wear pantyhose if you  don't shave your legs for a year. (we made fun of her)

Got my neighbor's yard cut, got my back yard cut and got all of it weed ate. (not the correct term but you know what I mean)

Ran my buddy Mr. Weed Eater til  eight thirty. The family had to wait for dinner but didn't seem to mind. It's not like they were going to scrounge around for  themselves. (wimps)

My toes are green with grass stains, my legs have so much  grass on them it reminds me of how they looked last night before I shaved them.

I'm a happy, tired and worn out woman. I can't wait to back out of the driveway tomorrow morning and see how neat and trim my yard looks....not to mention the old man's next  door.

If my new furniture gig and serving job don't work out... think I may start a lawn care "Bidness." There is nothing more refreshing and great to look at  than a freshly trimmed out lawn.

The down side is...there was a house behind all that growth.

Now that I have the outside looking good unless I hit the lottery  guess I'll have to run the vacuum inside too.

Does that suck or what? (Huge Pun)

Sounds crazy but going to bed whooped from yard work is one of my favorite feelings.

Still have tomorrow...if I'm lucky.

Til next  time...COTTON

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