Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to The Best Sister Ever

Oh my sister will just love I chose this picture to start my blog...NOT! Believe me, I could have found worse ones. Us Leach kids were a motley bunch when we were little.

I guess I  turned out okay, my brother got big in his middle age but is still handsome and witty.  Cindy turned into a beauty by  the age of fifteen and has grown more beautiful with each and every year.

What could be more exciting when you were ten years old than to have your big sister crowned Homecoming Queen at  the high school football game?  Not much.

We all got a good start in life from two amazing parents and grew up  together in  middle class heaven.

I took my own kid's by  the old homestead a couple of years ago. It looks smaller than when I was a kid but not too shabby. It was wonderful growing up in  that house.
See what I mean about Cindy? Chris looks like a stand in for one of the Brady Bunch boys , I look like I may have been adopted  and Cindy looks beautiful.

Fast forward almost four decades and she's STILL looking good!

Cindy  and I weren't particularly close when I was a little kid and think it's mostly because I was loud, obnoxious and usually always had a booger in  my nose....at least that's the way it was with MY kids when they were younger.

As we have grown up we have become closer and closer.

 We are now both married with grown children (well almost for me) and simply put...Best Friends.

The picture above is my own Momma when she was little. She had a younger brother she doted on but never had a sister so she grew up , married and gave me a sister and a brother too!

Both our parents are gone but we still have each other.

The stories and memories we have are priceless. I laugh more with my sib's than any other people on earth. I can honestly say I have never met anyone who has something negative to say about either one of them. They have both helped me out time and time and time again and still love me for the idiot I am.

Cindy and I have that female bond thing...which is kind of like a secret society. There's just a huge difference between  the sexes. I think Jay Leno put it best: "The basic difference between men and women is  all men think the Three Stooges are hilarious and all women think they are idiots."

If I didn't have a sister, well a sister like Cindy...I honestly don't know if I would have made it this far in life. She's beautiful inside and out. She gives more of herself than you could ever imagine. She pretty much raised  two boys on her own and never heard her complain about it or talk bad about their father. She is the strongest most honest woman I know, always makes me smile and often makes me laugh  to the point of tears.

None of us grew up and became rich financially. Well, Chris has done pretty well but doesn't have kids sucking him dry...just sisters. Sisters are a lot cheaper than kids or ex wives and we cook a lot for him on holidays and never ask him to help clean up...just bring the Bloody  Marys. We are rich beyond belief with love, caring and support...things money can't buy.

My Momma was one amazing woman, ask anyone who knew her. My sister is a close second and that's pretty astounding.

We grew up together as kids but bonded as sisters through the years.

She turned sixty today, making me the luckiest fifty two year old sister on the planet.

These two people in the above photo fell in love in the 1940's and married. They had three kids. They both died way  too soon but left us in good hands....each others.

These three little kids are all over halfway through their lives now. These three little kids are closer now than they were when this picture was taken. A lot of families can't say that.

 Cindy, you've done an amazing job raising two boys...and ME!

Happy Birthday  to  The Best Sister Ever. You're my rock. We've had so many laughs (and tears) together. Thank you for every one of them.

You inspire me, you encourage me and you enlighten me. I am the luckiest sister ever!

Til next  time...COTTON


Ann Marie Richwalsky said...

You ARE a lucky woman! I myself was blessed with two of the best sisters, ever. Sisters are your biggest critics, cheerleaders, support system, friends, confidants, sounding boards, everything. They know all of the skeletons in your closet and they are ok with them. Heck, they probably helped you lock up a few of them into that closet!

Happy birthday to your sister!! You are a lucky woman!!

kelly cotton said...

Beautifully said!