Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Mate!

That's TJ with  the red bag walking through the doors at the airport in Atlanta leaving for Australia.

Here's a picture of him right before Tim and I married. He may be my step son but will always consider him my first born. Over a quarter of  a century later he is living on the other side of the world and doing what I wish I had done...explore the world and all options life has.

He's always been a good kid. Yes he stumbled but what kid doesn't?  You know what kid doesn't stumble? The ones afraid to  step out of  the box and  take a leap of faith whether it be right or wrong. Those kids simply follow the plan but may  miss out on adventure or whatever else may be out there. It's a big world.

Now they are all three grown. Now they are all three able  to choose  their own paths.

I am extremely proud of TJ taking this leap. I can't imagine moving halfway around the  world alone but he did it.  It's the first time since he turned two  that I haven't been able to see or  talk on the phone with  him on his birthday.

You know why? Because he is busy living a dream. He is busy throwing caution to the wind while he is young. He is exploring all options and leaving his life agenda wide open.  In other words, he's smart.

Yes we miss him  but are all in awe of him.

Both my nephews said "I didn't  think he'd really go and live there."

Well guess what? He did, we miss him but think it is the most awesome thing he could have ever done.

I hope he had some shrimp on the barbie for his birthday.
I can't wait to hug his neck again, shake his hand for stepping up and taking the leap.

Happy Birthday TJ.

You make a step mom proud!
Hugs and kisses from us all over here. Can't wait to see your face again!

Til next  time COTTON

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