Sunday, July 9, 2017

It Speaks To Me

Totally getting rid of the porn mirrors in the master bedroom but besides that, is a keeper.

When you go and buy a house at our age, you're specific about what you want. It's the last home you'll buy and I, for one, want to be happy where I die.

Believe it or not my girl and bestie, Massey found this house the very same day it came on the market.

Blue ribbon for Massey!

Ironically enough is located on Georgia Ave. in St. Cloud, where we want to live.

It's not as big as our Georgia house but need to downside anyway, as I wind down my years with Fang.

I got off early from work today and drove to the house, a fifteen minute drive.

Tim couldn't believe I actually got out of my car and knocked on the door. I was kinda on the fence too but thought, what the hell.

Yes it looked larger in the video, but less house to clean is very okay in my book.

 The drive in was awesome. Old school homes, moss hanging off every tree lining the street and people everywhere, enjoying the massive lake on a Sunday afternoon. People picnicking or enjoying the lake. Peeps walking dogs. Cops pulled over on the side of the road, most probs eating dough nuts but there if you needed them.

It's a small town feel.

I'm all about a small town feel.

Their grown daughter opened the front door. I kinda felt (am sorta) stupid but basically told her I'd seen their house on Zillow and had every single thing I wanted in a house after moving from Georgia.

She pushed the screen door open and said "Come on in."

That was my first sign.

They welcomed me right on in, not knowing if I was a maniac or a serial killer.

It may not be the one, who knows..but the feeling was there. It just felt right.

They had so many antiques, even a sewing machine with the foot pedal. Our neighbor back on Bayard Street ( early sixties) had one and can remember her pumping that pedal as she sewed.

Sometimes you have to go with your gut.

It may not be the house for us, but at least we are getting closer.  It's been a decade simply live out our last few.

I talked with them for over thirty minutes and it just felt right.

When something feels right, there's a reason for that feeling.

Yes I did everything backwards.

I walked up and knocked on their door, unexpected or announced.

But they invited me in.

There's a reason for that as well.

It's even more crazy this is the first house I've been excited enough to venture out and explore on my own.

Be a good person and good things will happen, even if you have to wait.

Till next time..COTTON

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