Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Assessing My Life

Assess: To estimate the value of.

Since this picture was taken I've gone through many changes and then some. My best change was to start highlighting my hair...look at all that gray.

I know it sounds crazy...but Crazy should have been my middle name anyway.

I can't tell you how many times I look at this checkout from when I had the airport gig and sigh. It's every servers dream to make that kind of money on one shift. And some days made even more.

I feel ashamed to value money so much, because it is the root of all evil.

I think have finally resigned myself to just be grateful for all that Phat money and how it helped us when we had virtually nothing. I guess God gave me that job to help us survive and now wants me to survive once again, without it.

I'm a too skinny but scrappy old woman who has learned the greatest lesson in life. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I remember when I was first offered the job. I didn't even have a car. My sister talked me into taking it, loaning me a car. I even had to borrow a car just to go to the interview. (Thank you Susan Todd)

Then I borrowed a car from my next door husband ,  eventually buying it from him. Tim finally got a great job which sent him to Teaxs for a two year stint. I stayed behind with our youngest two kids and made money hand over fist.

I caught up all the bills and paid it forward to ones who helped us and even to a few I didn't even know, but desreved it.

When Tim got another promotion and was moved to Orlando, I once again stayed at home for another year and raked in even more.

With Tim gone, I was left to take care of everything at the house and somehow managed. I seem to work better under pressure.

My kids favorite thing to say about me is that I can "Throw some shit together."

And I did.

When I finally moved to Orlando after Tim had been there for almost a year, was slapped again with reality. No job, spent all my savings moving us there and had to start over.

I detest starting over, especially with a job.

I was once again a fish out of water. I was once again a nervous wreck, once again for at least six months.

How many "onces" does a person have to endure?

I'm not sure if I'm a slow learner or just a perfectionist at my chosen craft.

I'm not the greatest wife, mother or sister but one thing I can say with conviction is that I am a spot on excellent server.

Does that sound sad?

I've been a server much longer than I've been a wife or mother.

Sounds crazy (once again) but just these past two or three weeks, have hit my stride once again. I have it down, I know it and am selling it.

Do I make airport money?

Nope, but occasionally.

Do I enjoy my job?

Pretty much.

My glass is half full.

That's the way you have  to look at life or you will end up with a half empty soul.

Love the one you're with and love the ones around you, who love you back. Pay it forward every second of every day. Be grateful for what you have instead of what you want.

I'm thinking at the tender age of almost fifty seven, am finally getting life right.

Love and learn.

Till next time...COTTON

Don't worry...be happy.

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