Thursday, March 30, 2017

Life...The Great Oxymoron

The very instant you come into this world, begin your journey to way around it. Beginning life and ending your life are the only two things guaranteed.

The rest is filler.

It's the "Filler" which counts in life and is up to you to make it count. Trust me, I've had more than my share of filler and grateful for every single moment of it.

My life has run the course and I have pretty much seen it all.

We started out "maintaining" but pretty quickly began to prosper.

For twenty years life was easy peasy. Then just as suddenly it wasn't. Then it stalled, and even more quickly, collapsed.

It was like starting over.

Starting over took us well over three years and living thousands of miles apart.

We've been living in Orlando for five months now. Tim is doing great, I faltered but recovered.

 Zach moved down here with us but turned tail and went back home to Georgia after less than a week.

Lucky for me, Massey stayed and helped me survive our change...and my change in life... aka menopause.

I was nervous about going back home to Georgia this past week. It's taken me five months to just get used to living here.

The minute Tim and I turned into our old subdivision, he asked me how it felt to be home?

My eyes welled up with tears. I simply couldn't stop them from falling.

I told him it made me feel homesick.

It was our home for over twenty years. All three of our kids were raised there. Two decades of our lives and memories were inside those four walls.

Sometimes you have to turn the page and move on with your story. Actually you have to move on.

I felt completion after this last visit back home.

I saw my Lost Boy and visited one of our favorite spots together.

Mother's Kitchen.

It's called Soul food for a reason.

I cleaned out our old garage and went through box and box after box.

I packed up so many memories to bring back to our new home.

I have every single thing our own parents saved from when I was young.

My brother and sister know the "Busch Box" all too well.

It's been in our family since the early to mid fifties and hold every memory ever caught on camera. Our parents never was a sin back then but we also had an Uncle Ernie who thought it was a sin not to drink. Hence, the (his) Busch Box.

I also brought back every Sunday School lesson or talk my Diddy ever gave at church or the Nursing Home where volunteered his amazing self once a week. He  had saved every single one, handwritten.

Memories will never be better than these, or better than him.

I'm a simple girl from a simple upbringing.

I was raised and taught to simply be a good person and run with the rest of life like there is no tomorrow.

Lucky for me, my yesterday came from two awesome peeps.

Simple beats complicated every time.

Luckiest gal ever...COTTON

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