Monday, March 20, 2017


United States
Hong Kong
South Korea
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So the above list is a summary of where hits on my blog come from. It shows up on my stats page when I open my blog account.

Naturally the United States is number one but looks like Asians seem to really like me too.

Go figure.

Guess "Crazy"is pretty popular in Hong Kong, South Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam.

I started the long part of my work week tonight.

Friday through Monday. I like having split days off. I work four days, then have Tuesday off...have to work on Wednesday but then have Thursday off again and don't have to back to work until Friday evening.

Ideal for an old woman like me. Five days in a row wears me out.

Working the same schedule this upcoming week but after next Saturday will be off for six straight days.

Tim has vacation so we're going back to Georgia to have our taxes done and clear out a few things from our old house that we left in our hasty departure to the sunshine state. I'm sure the couple renting our old house will be thrilled!

Bonus points, can help our younger son (still living in Newnan in a sparsely furnished house) out by giving him our old washer, dryer, small couch and stove if he wants them to clear the space they are taking up in the garage. I can clean out the attic...literally a hot mess and bring back so many of the things I missed when exiting stage left.

We're renting the house out for now and they had new appliances they wanted to use which was fine but if they decide not to buy the house, needed to have our old ones to re-install.

That will probably take a day or two, taxes will take another one but will have two days to visit with as many people as I can.

It'll be hard to fit over fifty people into two days time but gonna give it my best shot.

I never, in a million years thought I'd miss this house so much. It's no mansion and far from it but is our three kid's childhood home and where us Clampetts started our journey.

My biggest regret is our three big dogs no longer have this awesome back yard to enjoy.

Bless their heart, we now have them living in a yard almost the size of our cracker box temp rental house. Not to mention doing the  bowel math.

Three huge dogs who poop at least  twice a day. That's six piles of dog crap a day, close enough to smell from the porch. I have to pick up do-do three times a week. Back in Georgia they all went to the very back of the yard and in the woods to poop.

 Also doesn't help that ole Ham is blind as a bat and tromps through it if I don't pick it up. 

Even worse, look what lives on the other side of the four foot high fence.

Trust me, it took them a good four months to learn how to ignore them and only busted out once to meet and greet with them.

My new friend here in Orlando (who happens to be born and bred here) makes fun of me for calling them all flamingos and pelicans but is what they look like to me.

They are literally everywhere. 

Even at the gas stations!

...and even in the handicapped spot.

My dogs are okay until the birds start to sqawk, then I have to bring them inside. I've never heard birds make such a ruckus. We have hawks eveywhere as well and even bald eagles (who are spectacular to see in flight).

All in all, I like being a Florida girl now.

 It's only a forty minute drive to the beach and have nice parks with restrooms, dog parks, hot dog stands and free parking.

I'll also have to admit was nice going to Cocoa Beach the week before Christmas and getting a tan while "The weather outside is frightful..." was playing on the radio.

It doesn't really feel like home yet, but will...sooner than later.

It is nice being ten minutes away from my brother and his two new pups again. For years and years only saw him twice a year, now he's just two exits down the toll road.

Flip Side...

My sister is now seven hours away. For forty years she's been no more than thirty minutes away.

We've been here in Orlando since last October but have only seen her twice. At least we captured a perfect moment.

That instant frame in time. This is one of my favorite pictures ever... Me, Cin and my grand daughter.

Cin is a woman who isn't just a sister.

She's a best friend.

She's my "Go To" person.

She is my champion.

There is nothing better than having excellent siblings.

 We were three little kids in the early sixties, sitting on a bought used station wagon.

We were three kids in the late seventies...

We are three kids , now ranging from late fifties to early sixties.

How we all got here, to this point in life is still a mystery to me... but at least we did it together.

You know what I've discovered?

Both our parents left this life way too early, but left us three in excellent hands...the hands of each other.

Yes have had some bad times in my life, but if you don't have bad times, how will you know when you have good times?

Going out on a limb here but think I am one lucky person.

I am loved.

 If you see a chance..take it.

Til next time...COTTON 

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