Friday, March 10, 2017

Bonus Day!

Tim left Monday morning for Miami and has been working there all week visiting his stores in the area. He usually travels every other week and back home on Friday, by early evening.

After almost thirty years together with the last almost decade being a debacle, is actually nice to have a little time apart every other week.

It was harder when he was sent for a two year stint in Lubbock and then straight to Orlando but was time needed apart for us to reflect about our marriage and mentally regroup.

The back biting and finger pointing finally all fell to the way side and think (know) our marriage is stronger for having gone through it all.

I still enjoy a four day break every other week and pretty sure he does too. It's not easy being married to me and am well aware of the fact.

Tim's quiet to begin with.

I'm most certainly not.

He's passive and tends to be lackadaisical.

I'm aggressive and tend to be in your face , twenty four /seven.

For some bizarre reason we decided to marry each other. The first twenty years were a breeze, the next few tougher than railroad spikes but have finally gotten back on track the past couple of years.

After Massey got all her homework for school done today, agreed to highlight my hair for me.

I don't usually worry when the color grows out but the other day got out of the shower and when I took the towel off my head...saw nothing but gray roots and totally grossed me out.

I do all I can do as far as "Gettin' Old Maintenance" goes.

The wrinkles on my face are a fact I can't fix and feel like have earned each and every one of them, raising three kids.

At least I'm still in pretty decent shape, don't own one pair of  elasticized jeans, granny panties or a Mu Mu.

That's something...isn't it?

With all said and done and water under the bridge, think I survived pretty okay. Maybe a little too skinny but am slowly working my way back up to my fighting weight of 105. I'm so close to triple digits I could reach out and grab 'em.

So after Massey did muh hurr and I started to get ready for work, told her to be sure and tell Tim to eat all the leftovers she and I have left in the fridge from our Chickpalooza week alone when he got back in town after I left for work.

She said Tim wasn't coming home until Saturday this week.

I was so excited to learn I had one more night of blogging after work in our bedroom, with the music cranked up and a light turned on.

At the same exact time, Tim was probably in Miami thinking he  had one more night without a crazy wife keeping him awake with her pecking away on the keyboard while he had to wear the blinders I bought him, just to sleep.

It's a crazy life we live, but at least we're doing well enough to live it in comfort now.

We walked away from our home of way over fifty years, Georgia. It was a hard pill to swallow, still is.

But have planted new roots...which will be our last roots.

It wasn't easy, nothing worth having is.

I've thought about my life long and hard, time and time again, for quite a while now.

The most perfect explanation of  my life is a song I learned in Sunday School around the age of three or four.

Deep and wide
Deep and wide
There's a fountain flowing deep and wide
Deep and wide
Deep and wide
There's a fountain flowing deep and wide.

I used to love that song just because of the hand gestures at the age of four.

Now at the age of almost fifty seven, know.

Life is deep and wide...but the fountain is always flowing if you are a believer.

I am a believer because so many people have believed in me and know God has my back.

Going to bed one of the most grateful and humbled human beings ever.

And will leave you with this thought.

Find your's most probably blowing in the wind, waiting on you to find it for yourself.

Til next time..COTTON

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