Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bad Moon On The Rise

It was a weird day from the jump. I worked a closing lunch shift and while getting ready for work this morning, Massey told me to look at Ziggy's eye. It was so red you couldn't even see the boy's pupil. As a matter of fact, he could barely open it at all. I left Zig in the capable hands of his day nurse and headed to work.

It was a bizarre day.

One dude came in, toting his small dog under his arm. He told the hostess it was his service dog.

Yeah, right!

The tiny dog had more gray hair on it's face than I do on my head (which is a lot) and his little feet looked like scrawny chicken wings. When I went to greet the table, the dog was on the booth next to him. (no vest)

The dog sat up and started yelping like he'd just been hit by a car.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge dog lover but certainly wouldn't take mine out to eat with me, especially at a place like the one where I work.

Luckily this was well into the afternoon and all the other tables were outside and out of ear shot.

I also had a group seated outside who were very nice, although one woman just couldn't pick up what I was putting down while explaining the menu and concept.


"It's designed to be small plates, sharable items. Choose two or three things per person, try a little bit of everything that hits the table and basically consider it a communal dining experience and I will keep you supplied with clean plates and silver."


"I just don't get small are the plates?"


"Tapas style."


"I don't know what that word means."


"Small sharable plates of food."


(picking up the six inch round plate up in front of her) "I mean, are they this size?"


"Some are, depending on what you order."


"I still don't understand."

Bitch, please.

Finally someone else at the table said "Just order something. If you want more...order more."

Me: (mentally) Thank YOU!

I know I'm weird but it was even beyond my weirdness.

Even the music was weird at work. It's a very eclectic and varied collection they stream but at one point, even asked the bartender..."Is it just me or has this same song been playing for the last thirty minutes?"

True to Florida fashion,  was also stinking hot outside and had several tables on the patio. You could have fried a basket of chicken with the grease on my forehead and sweat was trickling down the front of my flat  little chest.

I made great money and my last few tables were actually normal people but was still flustered by the oddness of the entire day.

On my way home in the car around six, looked up and saw the moon almost full, rising in the sky.


Some months the full moon comes and goes, barely noticed.

Sometimes it makes you feel as if you're living in a parallel universe.

Obviously it's gonna be a parallel universe kind of full moon.

NOT the best time to serve the public for a living.

I usually make great money during the full moon...or totally crap out. a professional gambler.

I may be wrong, have been... many times, but I got a feeling.

There's a bad moon on the rise.

God help me...

Til next time,


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