Sunday, April 2, 2017

Change Can Be Good

Change never stops, that's why it's called change.

We got back on the road in Georgia for Orlando after three short days back at our old house. We did everything needed to be done. Filed our taxes, cleaned out and hauled off every bit of junk in the garage we'd left and packed up the car full with things I wanted, to take back with us to our new (albeit temp) home in Florida. Huge shout out of thanks to my brother in law who hauled all our crap to the dump in his trailer.

We were less than a mile from our old house when received a text from our oldest son's fiancee' living back in Orlando with him and their two small girls...our grandchildren. They asked if they could come over and talk with us when we got back to Orlando that afternoon?

My "momma" radar was immediately up.

If you can't text or call about it, it must be big.

They had moved to Orlando right before Tim did last January (over) a year ahead of me joining team "Sunshine State".

Our son had a great job opportunity and moved his new family to Orlando. TJ (our son) knocked it out of the park, quickly advanced from his original position and was their sole provider.

Seems TJ has been offered another chance for further advancement... in Charlotte, NC.

On top of that...he leaves for Charlotte this Monday.

His little harem will follow in a month or two.

I've been a terrible Granny since having grand kids.

Number one, I wasn't prepared to be a Granny.

Number two, wasn't prepared to leave my house of over twenty years and home state of over fifty six years.

Number three, totally wasn't prepared to lose my job...  all benefits which came with it and end up having to start all over again.

Change can be a tough thing to take when you're way over the halfway point in life.

I'd like to say it "took me a minute" but is more like it "took me almost six months."

I stayed in bed for a week before dragging myself out of my mental abyss. I absolutely detest starting a new job...but had to. If I had a dollar for every friend I had in Orlando would be a buck shy of a ten spot and included family.

I've only been to Chelsea and TJ's place a couple of times and know their feelings were hurt. It wasn't them, it was me.

Here's the thing.

"I" hurt.

It's not like I was tooling all around Orlando.

I went three places.

I went to work.

I went to the store (which luckily had a gas station) and I went to the bank.

It took me a month to find all three without help from a GPS.

I'm now on the cusp of normality... for me.

I'd felt abandoned after first moving here. I'd lost my job, all my friends and family from Georgia and all sense of myself.

I thought we'd moved to where our oldest son lived and I would have plenty of time to adjust.

Seems I forgot that "Change" thing.

TJ didn't.

TJ was two when I met him. Now he's almost thirty one with a family of his own.

He's making his own changes and choices now. He's stepping up and doing what it takes to provide for his own.

As sad as I feel about them leaving Orlando, just as I'm regaining my own (somewhat) sanity also feel proud that he is doing what is best for his own family.

Oh, there are plenty of bumps along the road of life and curves so sharp, you may run off the road for a bit... before holding the wheel steady and veering back on course.

I have total faith in TJ and his abilities to not only provide but prosper.

TJ may be my step son, but is the first kid I had... always will be. I wish nothing but happiness for him and pretty sure is capable of the task in front of him.

As he continues this journey called "Life" with his new family...

This song came to mind.

They will be just fine.

As much as Tim and I have been through and may go through...

I don't want to live without him.

If you sign up for the dance of life together...expect to stay until the lights come up.

Till next time...COTTON

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