Monday, April 3, 2017

I Like A Four Day Winter

I was getting ready for work today...93 degrees outside. Standing in my closet getting my work clothes out looked at all the winter clothes I had hanging up...which is where all have remained. I've used a sweater two or three times and a hoodie maybe once.

I like it!

I planted a flower garden in November, bloomed less than three weeks later and hasn't stopped since. I pop off dead flowers and sprinkle them back into the soil and two weeks later have even more flowers coming up.

 I've never been able to keep a Boston fern alive but now have four thriving away in my new Sunshine state.

Plants which were barely limping along inside my house back home seem to like it outside here as well.

The other two ferns are on the front yard lawn because the crazy old man who used to own this house chopped down every tree on the property and left foot high stumps. I picked up these ferns for nine bucks a pop and placed them on the stumps...I hated seeing those stumps. Just bugged me.

Our older son TJ came by the other day with his fiancee and their two girls. The older one, Zeli said "I like your little palm trees."

Okay, so she's a Jaw Ja gal like me.

 You (peeps from Florida) can tell me all day long those squawking birds on the other side of our backyard fence are Egrets but for the life of me look just like pelicans, storks and flamingos. For Pete's sake...some of them are pink(ish) and a lot of them even stand around on one leg.

Trust me...if this thing below had been hanging out at a gas station in Newnan where I used to live in Georgia, a SWAT team would have responded. Two feet from my car, didn't move...even when I honked.

And don't even get me started on all the tiny gators scrambling around. (top right corner)

This one is on my kitchen window screen every single day. I can go outside for five minutes and see at least thirty shooting in every direction.

On the upside, are the only things which make Charlie (our bulldog) come alive and move. They drive him crazy(er) but has yet to catch one.

It's a whole new world for me (and my dogs) but are all beginning to acclimate.

Old women (and old dogs) don't really like cold weather. It gives us Bursitis (or something there abouts). Not sure what Bursitis really means but sounds like "all stove up" to me and  definitely know what that means.

Maybe that's why I need so much medicine for my"Rheuma-tis".

Simply said, it just feels better to finally feel better.

It's taken way too long for Kelly to get her groove back.

I got this now.

Til next time...COTTON

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