Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Million Reasons Why

Working as an almost fifty seven year old server certainly keeps you in touch with the younger generation. Most of the people I work with are around the same age of my children, some even younger. I also get a lot of help from my daughter who happens to be almost twenty two and is a pretty hip chick.

I'm also lucky that she stills thinks I'm a pretty hip chick too. "Close" doesn't begin to describe our relationship.

I'm the luckiest mom of two Millennials...ever.

Oh sure, I've had to sometimes reign them in and sometimes help them out...but all in all are pretty awesome young adults.

They're both better human beings than I was at their ages (Thank You, Jesus).

They are also both my "What's Trending" go-to's.

No need for a Google search when you can simply ask. (with only the occasional eye roll)

Massey is my techno Guru and main 'Go-To' for pretty much anything requiring "click and drag" or "open in new window".

She's also introduced me to the wonderful world of Netflix and Hulu.

"Stranger Things"?


"The O.A." ?




A coworker (also much younger than me) was talking about the show "Thirteen Reasons Why" and of course I went home and asked my Guru about it.

Massey had read the book, hooked me up with episode one and I binged the entire first season in three sittings. Pretty much my only TV time (besides news) is late night, after work.


Talk about a shot to the heart of  all that is life.

It deals with a teen age suicide, and is hard to watch but also a must watch.

So many people dropped the ball, from the girl her her parents and even adults supposedly in charge and watching over our youth.

I laughed a little, cried even more... was intrigued but totally mortified of this true story of a girl tortured by demons generated mostly from technology.

I'm a lucky mom. My kids survived.

The thing about a Millennial is that absolutely every thought, action or instant of your life can be captured and instantly be on the world wide web...forever, for everyone to see.




Group texts

In this techno savvy world, nothing is sacred, nothing is spared and is all just a touch away from most every teenager's  touch from a fingertip.

Every picture tells a story...but is it the whole story?

You may be the toughest nut in the tree but when something spins out of control and not in your favor or even close to being true...

It doesn't matter.

It's out there...for all to see and judge.

For every advantage technology has given us... has also given ammunition to ones who don't respect, deserve or use it wisely.

...But it's still out there, for virtually anyone to see.

How we dodged this bullet with our own three kids is still a mystery to me...or may be just floating out there somewhere, waiting to strike back.

I really don't think it will (fingers crossed) happen to my kids but most probably will to millions and millions of other's.

That's a pretty sad  (but true) statement.

As parents you need to have your radar up and going, twenty four-seven.

This reminds me of a time when Massey was in middle school...or as I recall, her three years of torture.

I bought her new (used) bedroom furniture. I was cleaning out her drawers to transfer everything and came across an old VHS tape simply labeled "Two Girls Fling in Paris."

My heart sank.


I tucked the tape into my jacket and wondered how or where she had gotten it.

After work that night I quietly pushed it into the VCR after everyone else was in bed, with the volume turned down low.

For Pete's sake...

(thankfully) was an old Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen movie.

I'll definitely get an eye roll from her if and when she reads this.

My relief was an understatement.

I don't snoop through my kids things (believe it or not) ...but if  think something is amiss or going wrong with one of them will certainly raise my "Mom" antennae to high alert.

In these always advancing techno times, parents need to be aware.

If you feel like something may be wrong with one of your kids...

Is always better to investigate than to be devastated.

My heart was broken for everyone involved in "Thirteen Reasons."

They all did or didn't do what they should  have.

You have to be accountable. You need to hold others accountable.

Webster's defines "Accountable" as:

Liable to being called to account, answerable. That to be explained.


A reason for a particular action.

I have three children who I was (am) responsible for in this world. It's been the biggest, most challenging... yet rewarding experience of my life...and hopefully theirs as well.

"You get what you give."

Being a parent is an eighteen year job at the very least.

I'm on year twenty nine but will be here for each and evey one of them for as long as they need me...because I need them.

There are a million reasons why I love my kids...some good, some laughable and some probably bad. Here's the greatest one...

Love doesn't judge.

And it shouldn't.

One of Webster's many definitions of Love:

"To thrive on; need."

I not only thrive on but totally need my kid's love...and want them all three to feel the same way about loving me.

My kids can tell me anything. They have, sometimes haven't but ended up doing so in the long run (or aftermath).

We're all human. We all make mistakes. We all need to rely on and work with each other.

Love is simple...and simply the cure, for pretty much everything.

Wake up every morning and have one goal in mind...Make another person's day better, which will make your day better.

The change in this world can and will  only begin with each and every one of us on our own individual basis...doing our part.

Sign me up!!

Til next time...COTTON

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