Thursday, April 21, 2016

Well Worth The Wait

Life is simple, just hasn't been easy for over half a decade.

Now I know why.

We (Tim and I) felt like failures for quite a while.

 Now know was just to teach us what we needed to learn. Never take anything for granted and be grateful for what you have.

We have amazing family which extends to include my sibs, friends old and new and a network of peeps (some of) we've never even met.

When you're really down you're down but luckily (thanks to your bad luck) only have one way to go.


So up we went, slowly but surely.

They've had our backs and  have our love and humble thanks. I'd hate to put a price tag on it but is certainly well into the thousands. Little by little we've started to pay not back but forward.

To have family and friends is priceless and exactly what got us to this point of moving ahead.

I've been blessed with a phenomenally great job which catapulted us back into the black within twelve months and haven't looked back once.

I married a man who after decades of providing for us on his own had to move a thousand miles away from us to keep us together... and did just that.

I remained here with our kids and dogs and kept the home fire he provided from a thousand miles away burning for almost two years.

He's as tall as I am short. He's as quiet as I am loud. My spirit animal is a Tasmanian Devil, his is a Sloth.

After five years of nothing but bad luck, bad news and cut off notices (I) began to point out and sometimes (loudly) verbalize everything wrong and was usually (most always) about him or choices he'd made during our financial scramble. None of it was totally his blame but surely couldn't be mine.

Sometimes a thousand miles is a good buffer zone. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more but most certainly has to be him. I can be (and may have been) a real bee-otch.

He came home maybe three times for short two or three day visits and once for a week. We fought or argued each and every visit,  always instigated by my spirit animal but also always hugged and kissed goodbye, instigated by his.

Tim has done amazingly well and excelled beyond belief with his new job and company. My new job may have propelled us forward but his is quickly guaranteeing us the future we've always dreamed of having.

If you truly love someone, never count them out. Simply trust that you can count on  them.

Fast (albeit slowly) forward six years and look at us now!

Not too bad for two (worn slap out) ole folks who started and met in the lower middle, had twenty years of upper middle class comfort then deflated as quickly as a party balloon.

 Come November our house here will be paid off and come October will be living together again in our new (not chosen yet) home in Orlando.

I've been here, with everything we love and have known. He's gone out there, with the unknown to let me stay here.

I'd say we're approaching the polishing  stage in our marriage and consider it quite an accomplishment.

I finally realized, after almost cutting my finger tip off in the process  and not stopping to say "I need help" may sometimes be a sign that sometimes you do  need help.

Four weeks later not only is my finger healing but my marriage as well.

The first cut is the deepest.

Til next time and looking forward to much more...


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