Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's A Dog's Life

Anyone who knows me  knows how much dogs mean to me.

This is our oldest dog, Ham. He's almost ten and been totally blind for the last several years so we never rearrange the furniture. His sniffer works excellent though.

The above is our youngest and the first dog we've ever had who loves to bury a bone. He'll tote it around for thirty minutes looking for the right spot then dig a hole, place the bone in the ground and cover it completely. Ham won't even be out back with Ziggy when he buries it but once Ham goes out sniffs out that buried bone within a matter of minutes...and our back yard isn't small.

Then we have Charlie.

He's the laziest dog I've ever met and a special kind of stupid but we love him too.

Before my brother in law built them a peep hole in our privacy fence, Charlie gnawed his own.

They each have different personalities, just like my three human kids.

I love all six of my kids.

Before our current three we had our first boxer, Rosie.

Paws down, best dog ever. The kids were still little when we got her and almost grown by the time she developed hip dysplasia and sooner than later couldn't even stand. We  kept her until it was harder on her than us. My son, Zach had a best friend who's mom was best friends with the head of animal control in our county. On her off day, the woman agreed to come over to our house and put Rosie down while still in the comfort of her surroundings. We put a beach towel on the kitchen floor  for her to sprawl on and soothed her nerves with gentle talk and petting while she simply drifted into her endless sleep. I cried like a baby.

I asked another one of Zach's friends if he would dig her grave at the at the back of our yard (Zach had a broken wrist from skateboarding at the time) and he did. When he got through digging it I thanked him. He replied "It was an honor".

I remember when Rosie died, the same day I saw a post on Facebook from Zach which simply said

"RIP Crazy Legs"

 I cried even more when I read that.

My older brother rescued two full grown Dobermans a few years back, a male and female. They had always been together so my brother took them as a package deal. They were the most laid back Dobies I've ever met and quickly became my brother's own kids. My brother practices tough love and in return had the two most loyal, obedient and content dogs I've ever known.

Heck, they even let me sleep in one of their beds on one visit when I seemed to have a contagious  fever blister.

The great thing about having dogs is they never complain and are always grateful for your love. The world needs more dogs if you ask me.

On our last visit to Orlando my brother's female Dob wasn't doing too well and had been diagnosed with impeding cancer. She had that Crazy Leg thing going on which our own boxer, Rosie suffered from. My brother decided to keep her until it wasn't good for her.

That time came way too soon.

I was at work last night along with Massey ... crazy busy in the crazy house when she came up  and blindsided me by saying "Daddy just sent me a text, Uncle Chris had to put N.Z. down".

(I know, they have crazy names but came to my brother with them. The male was N.X. and the female was N.Z. Something to do with chromosomes.)

As soon as I could, went back out into the hallway at work for a hot second and cried a tear for them all.

Massey and I were on the way to work today when I asked her to check my phone for messages. I'm old school and never touch my phone when in the car, Atlanta traffic is not conducive with being a distracted driver.

My brother had sent this picture with the following text:

"Boyfriend & girlfriend holding hands before she left to go to the vet. It was like he knew she wasn't coming back."

I haven't been able to stop thinking about my brother who's lost one of his  kids. I wanted to call him but haven't had (made) the time. Slack on my part but the deed is done and cards have been dealt.

The only finality in life is death and there's no changing that.

 There isn't (ashamedly) much I've done for my brother who's done so much for me and my family but him losing that pup is something I totally empathize with and understand.

My sister has two kids, I have three.

My brother had two and just lost one. Total bummer.

I  hope my brother knows I love him almost as much as his dogs did and one still does.

N.Z. is okay now and out of pain, Hope it is the same for us when the time comes.

Til next time..COTTON

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