Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Hole In One

What a week.

What an awesome, exhausting but satisfying week...and I don't even play or watch golf.

I've been a horrible mother, wife and sister in law this past week and had so much going on,  almost caved under the (blood)pressure but it's done now and think (hope) they all will still love me.

I think the only thing I've cooked this past week was toast in the toaster, and only once. I've been preoccupied twentyfour/seven this past week, worrying my slash job would affect my ability to do my real job. I didn't let anybody see it for about five days, it was that bad.

I'd get one of the kids to help me wrap it after I already had a gauze covering the crime scene. In hindsight was the worst decision I ever made to continue working and not go straight to the ER.  I refused to leave, worried about losing an entire shift's worth of money and dreaded sitting in an ER for what I know (from experiences similar to this hack job) would be at the very least five or six hours.

I nearly cut off the tip of my index finger off  and is still hard to look at when cleaning (three times a day).  When I whacked my digit, was at work so wrapped it finished the entire shift and have been back every day since, to the tune of an almost seventy hour work week.

It took me until this very morning to even convince myself  that it'd be okay and would still have ten digits.

 The bleeding stopped on day three and seems to be healing up okay, although I can kiss that "Hand Model" career goodbye.

I can't wait for them to try and get a finger print from this digit next time I go for a background check for my badge renewal at the airport.

It's bruised down to the knuckle but still have circulation and feeling all the way to it's mangled tip so a week later,  have declared myself officially "Okay... almost eighteen hundred dollars ahead and have a new freak show finger for a conversation piece if a party ever gets dull."

That's a win/win if I ever heard one!

 I got extremely lucky (with constant cleaning, praying and treating) considering  almost cut my finger in two but think it will heal all on it's own now with the proper (me) care.

I survived the end of Spring Breakers, Masters Peeps, totally rocked every shift and finally had a day off to heal...mentally and physically.

It's finally resembling a finger tip again and can use my left hand a bit more without cold chills when remember cutting it. I still can't do yard work and inside of the house needs both hands too.

I've taken enough chances this past week, trust me.

I realize I am not right in the head a lot of the time and been blessed beyond belief with some of the calls I've made over the years.

Like when I slipped on a beach towel in the kitchen letting the dogs in from rain and fell headfirst into the kitchen table splitting the side of my head open. I figure if I could survive that could survive anything.

Maybe I'll be smarter when I'm fifty six, that's just a hop jump skip down the road from now.

Look forward to keep on keeping on for as long as my luck keeps up but wouldn't change one single thing about the past if I could.

It's what defines me.

"Definition" as per Webster's:

"A statement conveying fundamental character".

That's my life.

You know what?

I've had one of the luckiest lives anyone's ever had and grateful for every step, stumble and fall along the way.

You know what else?

I'm thinking there's a reason of all these funny women I admire are so Spot On.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Counting my blessings and luckily still ten digits.

Til next time....COTTON

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