Monday, April 11, 2016

Mass Exodus

I got to work today at one thirty, seemed slow...for about five minutes. I usually do side work for about thirty minutes before going on the floor.

Not today!

Everyone had found their way back to the airport in Atlanta after the Masters tournament ended in Augusta yesterday.

It started with a table of seven, at about one forty and didn't slow down until well after nine o'clock. I just did my side work when I could and kept on taking tables. I sold close to $2000 on a Monday afternoon shift. Eighteen percent is added to every check and made over a hundred extra in cash.

Most Excellent!

It's a good thing we're moving to Orlando at the end of the summer because I'd never willingly quit this job and would most surely be the early death of me. The parking is a nightmare, sometimes just getting to the restaurant is work itself and always always have to leave for work with at least thirty minutes to spare, just in case. Traffic in Atlanta is miserable at best.

My digit is coming along well and have been able downsize the bandage each day. I gave the ole wagger a workout today, that's for sure. I'm still paranoid when I have to cut bread but am getting pretty good polishing glasses and silver with nine fingers.

 I waited on a cute younger couple just returning from Costa Rica this afternoon. The woman asked me if I'd cut my finger? I said "No, I mangled it slicing a loaf of bread". She asked me how many stitches so I told her the doctor I never went to see said it'd probably be okay with four rolls of tender tape, two tubes of Triple Anti B, three boxes of gauze and lots of prayer. She asked why I didn't go to the hospital and acted like I was crazy (although she may be right) when I mentioned it was Master's week both coming and going at the airport.

The husband chuckled and said "Good call on your part". The wife kinda laughed too but probably because of that third glass of Hartford Pinot Noir. Every single one of my tables were wonderful, delightful people and  guests. It was a server's utopia.

Like the stupid but smart person I am, brought my first aide kit so I could clean and dress my digit again after the shit show (what we call a wide open wild eyed shift). I used all the gauze and tape out of the kit at work the first night I cut it.

I was in the back soaking my digit in a tiny jar (under three ounces to get through security) of hydrogen peroxide for about five minutes. Several co workers mentioned how much better it looked.

It's a good thing none of them saw it when I first cut it because was surely a prize winner and definitely one for the record books.

This is what looking better looks like.

I'm going to Orlando this upcoming weekend to visit Tim. I'm thinking holding hands is off the table.

I got really lucky and knocked it out of the park these past two weeks so am sneaking out of town on Saturday afternoon after a day shift and driving to Orlando. Staying all day Sunday and driving back early Monday for work that afternoon. Not really a relaxing trip but going to look at houses and have found three I really really like.

It's amazing, with Tim's new job and  promotion and me with two years of a phenom job at home can afford to purchase a pretty nice home in Orlando. We're not going crazy but going comfortable.

We had a fifteen year mortgage on our house here so are used to a higher payment. We'll start out with a thirty year in Orlando and if The Big Guy continues to bless us will switch to a fifteen in a year or two.

It's getting real folks.

Til next time, COTTON

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