Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ending With a Bang

Oh I been doing me some jumping lately!

Work has been (and keeps me) insanely busy these days. It's about all I have time for besides cutting the yards every ten days or so. The kids have been helping me with the yards since we're still in push mowed (small pun).

 Ole Johnny Dear survived his successful forty dollar surgery and his doctor gave him six more years to live. He's in rehab waiting for his decking to be reattached and by next week I'll be sitting pretty again.

This past week has been redunkulous. We lost a server (totally good riddance) at work and his schedule had to be covered (not that he did) so when asked by management, snatched up two of his shifts in addition to my own five.

I made more money the past week than I ever have, since landing at the airport job. Spring Break is in full tilt. The Masters is an awesome gift and have summer vacation right around the corner followed by the Olympics in late July.

If I have to quit this job, what an awesome way to go out!

I can honestly and with conviction say have reached the pinnacle of my serving career working at the airport. Who would ever think after thirty six years of serving I had so much to learn?

But learn it I did, mostly thanks to this manager.

I started out terrified of  but ended up grateful to him. I used to think I was a pretty good server, maybe even a great server but learned in about the first five minutes of training with him that I had a lot to learn.

I think after almost two years of putting the skills I learned from him (a few honed) into action with every single table and every single customer, has changed me into what I now consider myself to be; a pretty awesome server. 

Is it sad I brag about that?

Hell to the No!

I've earned every stripe and star I have on my imaginary server uniform sleeve, earned the hard and honest way and actually feel like I do have bragging rights.

I've been socking money away into savings, all bills are paid early with enough to spare and even allows me to pay a few small things forward.

Trust me, working over fifty hours a week (at the age of a skinny fifty five) in the crazy house of  the world's busiest airport tends to be draining both physically and mentally but the payoff is incredible and makes it well worth it...especially knowing you have a window to escape through.

I was devastated when I mangled my finger. Panicked when I thought I may have to miss a few hours of work and maybe even a finger too.

It wasn't pretty and once again (in hindsight) was a bad call on my part for not having it stitched up but haven't regretted  pushing through shift after shift after shift either, with my  ET digit.

I've never met or known a server who brings home the kind of money I do, unless they take their clothes off ( kudos to them) but don't think a lot of peeps want to even visualize me without the extra pounds my clothes add.

Today was the first day I felt comfortable about my mangled digit. Been keeping it cleaner than a Donny Osmond concert and can finally change the bandage without wanting to throw up.

That's progress!

Me in a  nut shell. 

Two years ago I was in a nut basket.

I'm grabbing every day left here in Georgia and (but) will leave the state knowing my job here is done.

My crazy eclectic clan will finally be back together after two years and my sister and her family will always be welcomed (and urged) to join us.

Gotta go to bed now, still have two shifts left to work and luckily still ten digits.

Til next time... COTTON

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