Wednesday, April 6, 2016

They Call me Digit Now

I started this blog last night. Spent over two hours on it and suddenly deleted itself...let's try again.

At work I've always been called Kelly, Kellz, Ms. Kelly, Kelly Girl or Cotton. Now I'm known as "Digit".

Saturday night waited on my very first table at work; had just greeted and taken their order when the above happened. I was cutting bread for the table at the bread station three feet behind them and the knife (serrated) slipped off the end of the crusty loaf.

It sliced through my finger nail and halfway through my index finger in a micro mini one tenth of a second. Just as quickly,  grabbed the finger, squeezed it tightly and headed straight for the back of the kitchen.

I wanted to throw up when I released the finger... it was bad, really bad.

I rinsed it immediately and asked my daughter (who was luckily working) to bring me a band aide.

She brought the entire first aide kit and turns out we needed it. Kudos to Massey, she took care of me and wrapped the sucker tight!

Over my thirty six year career as a server can remember every serious cut I've had.

One at Johnny's Pizza, one at LongHorn and now two at my current job.

This one won first place, by a long shot.

Like the idiot I am refused to go for medical treatment. Nobody had seen the severity of my injury except my daughter and quickly hushed her as she gave me that look.

It's busier than it's ever been at work and if had to leave could possibly be out $400 and have to spend the rest of the night in an ER waiting room to be slapped with my $100 co pay.

I chose to go with who needs ten fingers anyway?  I'd probably be just fine with nine.

Amazingly enough this was day three. So it was bad, but looked clean of infection. Unfortunately, this was the good side.

Yikes! That side view ain't too purty, but wait!

It makes me shudder every time I take the bandage off to clean it. One wrong move or lightest smack against something and this  volcano is erupting.

I went into work the next day so overly bandaged my co workers called me ET and told me to phone home.

I'm now on day five. I go through the routine twice sometimes three times a day. Unwrap, clean ultra gently with antibacterial soap and dip my digit into a tiny bowl of hydrogen peroxide for at least five minutes. Then I coat it with extra strength antibacterial ointment and gently,  gently put a gauze over the tip and wrap down almost to my hand with my new friend "Tender Tape".

In hindsight should have gone for medical assistance immediately.

On the other hand (small pun intended) am at least smart enough to know that if I am stupid enough not  to go for assistance, will have to clean and dress this digit at least three times a day for the next month.

Ironically enough,  didn't even turn out to be busy the night of my digit demise.

Talk about cutting off your nose to despite your face!

I'm still pretty freaked about it but has continued to heal with no signs of infection thus far.

I was worried, really worried until today but think all will be fine now.

Who'd ever think you'd have to buy a bag of groceries for a finger?

This Girl!

Tumbling into bed after clocking out at over forty four hours and have two more long shifts to go.

I have a good life, an exceptional life and grateful beyond belief for it.

It will take a lot more than slicing through half my finger to keep me down.

Til next time...DIGIT

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