Saturday, March 14, 2015

Post Op...and Post Wedding

Charlie seemed to recover better than Ziggy did after his initial bout with Anesthesia wake up. Last night he finally quit spewing and stayed in the living room with me and Ham. He slept under my bed and didn't move all night. This morning I had to go in earlier for a co worker so fed Ham and Ziggy and let them both out.

 Charlie opted to stare at me from the back side of under our king size bed and not budge. I couldn't have reached him if I wanted to (which I did) but looked like he was dead. I thought he had died with his eyes open. He finally blinked just one eye (in true "Cha lee" fashion) so knew he was at least alive. I just let him be. I was worried because he wasn't close enough for me to shove a Tramadol down his throat but didn't have time to take the bed apart to reach him. I had to leave for work, so I did.

Zach was at work and none of the Lost Boys would be over and knew I wouldn't get home until eleven if was lucky.

I worried about the poor little feller all afternoon. We had a huge pop at work when I first got there and had excellent tables. It died just as suddenly around seven and told one of my managers I was worried about my pup. He's not only a great guy but a dog lover too so cut me immediately. I could be home by eight thirty and had still made almost three B Franklins. That was plenty for me considering I wanted to leave work early on a Friday night during Spring Break departure at the airport to check on a hound.

The above picture is from Panama City, Florida this afternoon. Thank The Lord for Spring Break!

Zach called me as I got off the interstate for a ride home from work so swung by and picked him up. I figured if Charlie had made it this far he'd make it another twenty minutes.

He was fine. We heard him bark when I started to unlock the door. Worried for nothing but felt better for having cared. Our pups are family first ( idiots second) and yes, Charlie chewed a hole big enough to cram his head through between the gates of our fence. That's Ham in the background wishing he'd thought of it first.

I took the next day off to go to a wedding. Two people I worked with at Mama Lucia's were tying the knot. They are a really sweet couple, both young and both awesome people.

I was going to take Massey but forgot she was going to Destin for Spring Break so took my back up date, Zach.

Dang I gotta learn how to take a better selfie! The smirk on Zach's face screams "Mom's taking another terrible selfie; she's a slow learner."

I guess I need to practice more. I've noticed fifteen to twenty five year old girls practice a lot!  Massey's selfies look like she pays someone to take them. (I'll have to start practicing when I'm on the toilet in front of a mirror)


They got married at a state park on the Chattahoochee River. Small wedding, family and a couple of friends. The day started out dreary but weather broke about an hour before the wedding and was perfect. I've known the bride since she was seventeen and started working at the restaurant. I've always called the groom, Radar. He's a chef in a crazy house but sometimes will have been there four hours before you even notice him back behind the line.  He's pretty smart.

If you work in a crazy house, definitely try to fly under the radar.

I've known him about six years and bet he hasn't said over a hundred words to me. That's okay I like doing the talking, just ask my husband!

He's an honest simple quiet country boy with a good heart and impressive Culinary degree. He married a sweet Latino girl who also worked in the kitchen. They are a perfect match.

Sorry about my shadow on her dress. Guess I need to practice my themsies too.

The food was hum dinging delightful. They had a pot luck dinner reception that was off the chain. Three huge picnic tables filled with every food you could want. Whole fried chickens (lemon pepper and cajun)  hand made egg rolls with homemade sweet and sour, home made tamales, roasted pork, rice and salsa verde. There were also three or four different pasta salads, fresh fruit skewers and tons of wonderful yeast rolls.

...AND  they had a huge stack of  "to go" boxes ! I brought home six . Zach made me stop at six.

It was simple, honest and fabulous just like the bride and groom.

This is the groom with his mother, a  woman as talented as she is nice.

This is Zach with the bride's mother who also works in the kitchen at Mama Lucia's.

Two  different countries, two different cultures, two different families united by one mutual love. It was a lovely thing to witness and felt honored be a part of it.

People should "Come Together" more often... and why do us Americans have to be on the right or the left anyway? Shouldn't we all meet in the middle;  unite be strategic and forge forward as one stronger  nation who always have each others back?

It's always better to have a friend than an adversary.

Sounds simple but then again what do I know?

I can't even take a decent selfie OR youie.

Til next time...COTTON

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