Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oh Spring, I've Missed You

I remember this picture of Massey and Alyssa. It was beautiful and exciting to wake up to outside of the house and was a total blast until the first one of the kids came back inside, usually dragging one of the dogs in too.

That's why I live in the south.

Somehow it's almost the last week in March. Not quite sure how that happened but doubt the calendar is wrong.

I've decided to cut the front of our subdivision one more year, then I'm done. I don't need the sixty bucks as much although it's nice to count on. We got several years behind on our HOA dues and applied cutting last summer to the debt. If I cut one more summer we'll be caught up.

I really like cutting grass but the front of our subdivision is a nightmare on your mower. I've broken three blades up there and gone through two weed eaters.

Let somebody else do it next year.

I'll still stop and pick up trash when I see it, but Johnny's the most reliable gasoline motorized vehicle I own. I wish he was a bigger tractor, I'd drive him to work.

I filled up an entire tall kitchen garbage bag full of trash from the side of the road and both culverts.

Who randomly throws an empty can of Vienna sausages out their car window anyway?

Dang we're red necks... that's almost embarrassing. Don't ask me how many empty Skoal cans I pick up, that is embarrassing.

I honestly can't remember the last time I threw trash out a car window but pretty sure it wasn't an empty food can from the cabinet in the kitchen.

I spent three hours doing the front of the sub and the front yard of my house. Before that I took Charlie to get his stitches removed at the Vet-in-a-Van, stopped by Auto Zone to buy a fix-a-flat for Johnny and went by my shady tree mechanic to get the last of my receipts (have an appointment with Perry Mason next Thursday) and stopped by the credit union to get some cash.

One of the Lost Boys (the Amish one) drives a huge truck, I paid him with gas money and the promise of a home cooked meal if he would take a load of junk to the dump for me. We filled his truck up with things which have been sitting in the way for months (years) and off he went, just like a Clampett with Jethro (Zach) beside him.

If he hadn't been available would have loaded up my newest old car and done something like this.

I pulled out my bank envelope from my visit to the drive through. I had taken out fifty dollars but my envelope contained two tens and three fives. I looked at my receipt, it said I withdrew fifty.

Is the entire universe against me or are you just trying to ruin my mental comeback?

Spent thirty minutes on the phone with them and had to download a form to email back.

Then I went out, cranked ole Johnny Dear up and cut grass for three hours.

I didn't think about my car debacle one time, didn't think about the fifteen dollar shortage at the credit union and actually thought of nothing except how good it felt to be back on my Johnny Dear and was making not only our entrance to the subdivision but my own house a much nicer place to see.

On the flip side, I'm pretty tired now.

Baking a potato in my newly repaired oven and soaking in the garden tub with smelly-good bubbles.

Then I'm cranking up the chain saw and shaving my legs.

"Spring" as defined by Webster :

To move upward or forward in a single quick motion or a series of such motions; leap.

That my friends is me in a nut shell (pun intended).

I'm not looking back anymore, it's not the way I'm headed.

Til next time....COTTON

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