Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Moving Forward

So I finally got my car back on Thursday. It's been in the shop since the beginning of January. It was all systems go and ready to be picked up! This last round of repairs he did with no charge for labor since it took so long. (his idea)

The morning I was to pick it up received a text from him: "Don't forget you still owe me $69 for the throttle and there was no labor charge but can you give me something I have a lot of time in your car."

Whatever dude.

I picked it up and like the idiot I am gave him an extra fifty bucks.

Hindsight is twenty twenty.

The check engine light came on the next day.

I drove it anyway.

The next day Massey was flying in from Spring Break early so had her meet me out front of the international terminal. I got out and went into work, she drove the car home to get some sleep since had been up since three. I told her to pick me back up at five.

She text me less than an hour later and asked if I knew the power steering was going out?

Dang, I just paid the guy to replace the power steering reservoir too.

I called her when I had a chance and told me it went out on the interstate, could barely steer it and scared her to death. One of the Lost Boys was at the house and agreed to drive the car to pick me up after work and take Massey back to school. Massey and the Lost Boy picked Zach up at work and gave him a ride home before heading back to the airport for me.

Massey called from the house to say when they pulled into our driveway the oil pressure light and stop engine light immediately came on and the car wouldn't crank again.

I've been patient. I've paid for all repairs and parts up front first. I've given this guy almost six grand of my hard earned money over the last two years. I trusted this guy even though every fiber and  bone in my skinny body told me not to.  He let me drive off in a vehicle that could have harmed or killed my daughter.

I felt like throwing up and felt like crying, not necessarily in that order.

I was already panicking thinking about how I was going to get to work the next day and all the ones that followed?

My nephew has a car he was going to put on craigslist so called him and asked if he'd take payments?

First problem solved, I could get it that night for a two hundred dollar down-payment and give him the rest when I could.

My brother in law picked Massey up at our house, they picked me up from work at the airport and we dropped Massey off at her loft in downtown Atlanta. My b&law drove me back to Newnan and let me out at my nephew's to purchase yet another car. I told him I'd bring the money by the next day, he said no hurry and gave me the keys.

It was getting dark by then and in hindsight should have gotten a lot more info from my nephew before he went back into his house.

Took me five minutes to get the parking brake off (couldn't find a switch or handle anywhere) and was totally dark by the time I pulled out of the driveway in pouring down rain. Had to stop at the top of his driveway to open the driver's door so the interior light (couldn't find that switch either) would come on and find out where the wiper switch was located. I got all the way home and found out had driven with my headlights off too, in the rain no less.

Okay I got this.

I'll admit I did a little drinking and a lot of crying that night. I talked with my husband living a thousand miles away from home and both agreed after a long talk.

We're suing.

It's not like we're going ape sh*t crazy and asking for 2.2 million, punitive damages or pain and mental suffering but he's not getting away with what he's done to us. I've contacted a guy who used to work with  me,  studying for his bar exam at the time but now a full fledged lawyer. (like I got money for a lawyer)


All I want is ten grand. Six paid for the Volvo, the thousand I have to shell out for another vehicle, any court costs and attorney fees.

I felt like George Dub... fool me once.

Actually, all said and done felt more like this!

It may end up just being a waste of time but will absolutely make me feel better.

Don't kick a person when they're down. (actually you should never kick a person)

I may not be the greatest person or even close to the top of that list but work hard, love hard and a firm believer in The Golden Rule (aka) Karma.

This dude's got it coming. He owes me.

I had an ultra extreme intense, almost crippling forty eight hour mental meltdown but regrouped and am moving forward.

I was walking out of work the night after this latest vehicular debacle began when one of my managers waved to me, smiled and said "Kelly Cotton, you are one strong woman".

Another switch I obviously couldn't find either suddenly came on like a flood light.

"A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do"

I've gone from bouncing checks just to keep the utilities on (paying exorbitant NFS fees) to leaving it all behind ... with skid marks.

This too shall pass.

Til next time, COTTON

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