Monday, March 2, 2015

How Much Time Ya Got?

So Tim left for Texas the other day. Let's take note of everything that has gone wrong so far.

The night before Tim left, Zach was backing the Ranger out of the garage. Zach called me at work to tell me he clipped a pole I had propping the broken garage door panel up and the door fell.  I was busy so just told him to prop the door back open for me and let it go.

I got home from work around midnight and pulled in the driveway in my borrowed vehicle. Not only had Zach clipped the metal pole but also the wooden beam between the two doors as well. It was knocked about six inches out from the front of the house and looked totally jacked up . The truck had a pretty small dent from where the door fell on it but still say when I left for work, the truck didn't have any dents at all.

Kids! (oh I got me some)

It doesn't look very structurally sound but at least isn't (wasn't) one of the weight bearing beams. State Farm told me to get an estimate and Zach agreed to pay our deductible.

My car was supposed to be ready yesterday. It broke down the first of January and it's now March. I'm still bumming cars from my sister but is getting on my nerves almost as much as I'm probably getting on hers. Then it was supposed to be ready today but wasn't.

Maybe I wasn't  meant to drive a car.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and called another friend, my next door husband's son who worked at the local Ford Dealership. He told me to come on up and look around at used cars and would put me in touch with the right guy to talk with.

All I wanted was a two or three year old Focus or even smaller that  knew would get me to work and back home.

I had it all planned out. I'd go to Delta Credit Union and apply for a small car loan with payments around two hundred dollars and be back on the road!

I was sure since being a member of the DCCU for quite a while and had a great job would qualify like NASCAR for the loan!

It seems DCCU doesn't consider three weeks "Quite a while". It seemed like ages ago to my tiny mind! I got turned down like a bed in the fancy hotels I see on TV.

It wasn't nearly as embarrassing as the time a few years ago when I had to apply for Food Stamps so took it on the chin and thought to myself, "Look at me! I wouldn't have had the guts to even attempt to apply loan a few years's definitely getting better!"

Guess I got a little too big fer me britches.

We're almost nearly just about back to the middle and the Hecks seem like a nice family to me. I wouldn't mind being like them one bit.

I just have to (hopefully) get my car back, hope it runs until can sell it to someone else with a lot more money to spend on vehicular band aides,  take that money back up to the Ford Dealership, plop down hopefully a few grand in cash and see how they feel about financing now?

It could happen. You never know until you try and try I will.

I don't miss Tim anymore. I'm almost jealous of him out in Texas alone.

Just kidding, but sometimes want to look around for the hidden camera on certain days and halfway expect John Quinos to step out and tell me I've been on a five year special they've been taping for "What Would YOU Do?"

I may slap him if that really happened and really like him but think there's not much chance of that scenario ever happening so am good just putzn' along as a Cotton. At least we're putzn' ahead!

It'll be okay. Really, it will.

Til next time, COTTON

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