Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's A Small World Getting Smaller Every Day

I'm still getting used to having two days off a week, but love it. I stayed up last night into the wee morning hours blogging but knew I had the next two days off.

For once I didn't automatically wake up at six thirty but snoozed easily until eleven. I decided to remain horizontal watching the news even though had many things to do.

Tim had left me a note on the kitchen counter telling me the funeral arrangements for an old friend of mine's husband who had passed away.

I go way back with this chick...all the way to Virginia Ave in the early eighties when I worked with her at Johnny's Pizza but it doesn't stop there.

I had also worked with her brother in law who passed away almost exactly a year ago at the Scotch House in the late seventies right before working for Johnny's.

According to Tim's note the service being held at her mother's house would start at two. I didn't leave our house until two thirty for the thirty minute drive but knew it would be okay. Her family is Greek and knew they'd be "OPA"ing the rest of the day and well into the night. You'll never be considered late to a Greek get together. The later you get there just means the more fiercely you will be embraced, hugged and welcomed.

Per the Greek thing, the service was under way in her mom's back yard when I arrived almost two hours late. I spotted another old Johnny's co worker and slid into the empty folding chair next to her and her daughter. (who I know from FB creeping)

A widow mourning in the middle but surrounded on both sides by true friends. We're older and thankfully much wiser, haven't seen each other in decades but the minute our eyes connected the years fell away and the love flooded back. That's the definition of a true friend. If they are your friend, you don't have to see them every day or even every year or even talk to them...they're your friend no matter what.

Yes, I had a lot to do today but all could wait, be done later or even next week.

There is a reason why it's called paying your "Last Respects".

Sure you can send them a text, voice mail , email or even drop a note in the mail a few weeks down the road. That's not a true friend. There are always exceptions and have had them myself but if you have the opportunity to go pay your last respects...Do It.

What really matters is where are you when their heart is breaking and have devastatingly had to notify people they can come pay their respects for the very last time?

It's not like I lived out of town or had to get on a plane.  I just had to drive maybe fifteen miles and make a difference.

I sincerely feel like human touch and interaction is losing a battle against the technology crazed tap it, touch or hit send.

I tapped my girlfriend on the shoulder today. She turned around, saw me and we touched hands. We hugged and love was sent.

Not through fiber optic cable but through human touch.

Sometimes in this crazy new fangled technology driven world we forget what a touch means.

It means a least it did to me today.

Til Next time...COTTON

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