Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Housewife Kind Of Day

Everybody says I'm a good cook but my kids are always wanting me to make something new so today I did! I made two huge pots of this soup with tortellini , spinach, carrots, celery, onion, garlic and chicken stock. Gonna freeze some for Massey at college and TJ and his fiancee (yes you heard that right) and have plenty of leftovers to freeze for later.

It's been beautiful weather here lately and this past full moon was spectacular.

I took this with my cell phone after getting home from work the other night. I had zoomed in which made it grainy but after looking at it thought it turned out pretty cool.

A "Monet" looking moon for sure!

I had cut both yards late last week and still looked good since I cut them shorter than a putting green and hasn't rained much.

Since having two days off a week the house has been staying in a semi clean mode so I could scratch that off too. Even got the laundry room organized.

It's like I now have a forty eight hour staycation once a week. So I switched to "Piddling" mode. I went to this discount store here in Newnan the other day, "Ollie's".  It's like an organized unmessy "Big Lots". I had bought those huge plastic tubs to store things in for $3.99 and found Zach some Denizen jeans marked $40 on sale for $7.99. He's a Flaco and 29" x 30" men jeans are hard to find...especially for $7.99.

I got the tubs out of the garage today and loaded up all Massey's college stuff she's not using right now crammed in a corner of her room and packed it all away neatly.

I could use about ten more of those tubs and may go back for more tomorrow. I usually bring home boxes from work to pack stuff up in but they always fall apart and the stuff gets dirty out in our not so pristine garage or in our really not pristine attic (also known as the closet company will never look in so throw it there).

For the first time in well over five years the house and yard work was all caught up and I had two whole days off to "Piddle."

I think I was truly meant to be a housewife instead of a housewife with a job too but I'm certainly getting closer!

I originally went to "Ollie's" to get another microwave. Ours bit the nuclear dust last week. I was cooking pasta and using the timer on the microwave since the one on my stove doesn't work. I set it for twelve minutes and continued making the sauce. After about fifteen seconds heard a "BLAM" and turned around to see the empty glass rotating in the microwave. I had hit cook instead of timer and sparks were flying.

My bad.

We had gotten the microwave from a co worker a few years back when our old one went Kaput. She had an extra one and offered it to us.

It was a great little microwave...reminds me of a story about when we first got it.

I had brought it home and put it in the kitchen. A couple of nights later I told Tim where we'd gotten it and commented how that nice of Dani.

He said "Yeah it was but the 'popcorn' button doesn't work, burnt mine slap up."

I had bought a box of single serve instead of regular size bags of popcorn the week before and Tim had put the tiny bag in and simply hit the 'popcorn' button.

His bad.

Tumbled into bed at a decent hour because I had to make a quick trip up to see the college girl tomorrow.

(continuing blog from last night)

I woke up this morning around seven decided it was way too early, chugged some orange juice and fell back in bad. Massey didn't get out of class until noon and didn't have to work until three.

I packed up some soup and drove into ATL around noonish and traffic was still a nightmare. Sitting on the Grady Curve saw a bumper sticker on the car in front of me:

"Dear Lord, please let me be the person my dog thinks I am."


My dogs love everyone but really love me...a lot. They seem to know it is me that makes sure those two huge water bowls are clean and refilled twice a day, give them flea and tick treatments, heart worm meds every month and make sure they have food (almost) every day.

Picked Massey up by the curb out front of her loft and took her for some fresh veggies at "Eats" on Ponce de Leon. Half a chicken, three veggies and cornbread for $7.75 including iced tea. Not bad...and neither was the food! Massey had lemon pepper chicken and I had the jerk chicken. We had fresh green beans, mashed potatoes with gravy and broccoli casserole. Since it was so cheap even bought Zach a plate to take home.
The food really seemed made to make Massey feel better, it made me feel better to see her smile.

We had a nice quick visit,  brought her some meds and soup for her cough and congestion, a twenty  just to have some extra cash and dumped her back off in front of her loft forty five minutes later.

Sometimes, a quick visit makes all the difference to someone you love.

Traffic was just as bad on the way home but glad I went. Sometimes you do just need your mama, even if it's only for forty five minutes.

(continuing to the next day)

Tim leaves for work when I get up for a day shift at six thirty. I left the house a little after seven and got a text from him that his car had broken down on Canton highway (five minutes from his job but an hour away from the house).

At least he (almost) made it to work.

I had cut the front of the subdivision the day before after getting back from my recon visit to Massey. That weed eater gets heavier every time I use it. My right shoulder was killing me by the time I was put-sing (Asian term) back down the street to our house.

 Guess I need to face the fact that am getting too old to do this every month. I used the heating pad for heat and a Natty Light for the alternating cold. Heck it took me fifteen minutes to think about vacuuming with my left arm instead of my right... same thing with pulling clothes out of the washer and scrubbing the kitchen sink.

 How stupid was that? It wasn't like I was trying to neatly pen a letter to someone important.


Tim had to have the car towed back home for $200 and picked him up after dumping his car at the mechanic's.

At least if we are still having car problems are at least both working now...kinda counter balances our seemingly always vehicle bad luck.

The good luck part of it was he was off the next two days.

It's pretty sad when the most (only) reliable vehicle you own at the age of fifty four is a 1990 Ford Ranger with a Cobra head gearshift knob, bought from your next door husband after borrowing it for free for over four months.

Thank God they moved in next door to us (said my next door husband never).

Tense night. Tim was ticked about his car and I was ticked about him being ticked about a stupid car.

I wanted to say "You think YOU'RE ticked, try being me for the last six years."

Then it all exploded.

Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Yes it's been tough the past six years and seems I had a lot of pent up frustration. Didn't help  that I can have an extremely sharp tongue,  quick wit and mostly always sarcastic come back before you can even finish your sentence. (which will be wrong anyway if you want my opinion)

Woke up the next day. Sped away from the house just in time to barely make it to work on time. You know what I thought of on my way to work after the pretty ugly blow up?

We started in 1990 with "this day forward" and so far death hadn't parted us so guess I need to focus more on that "for better for worse, for richer for poorer" part.

My bad. (but with a several points well stated or maybe just finally well released)

It's been two days of silence (Tim's probably enjoying it) and a lot of soul searching.

You know what?

I signed up for this dance...

Nobody forced me to.

May as well dance with the one that brought me.

We started off slow dancing twenty six years ago and worked our way up to a Cha Cha then a Tango.

Seemingly  just as quickly,  we somehow lost it all.

I'm pretty ticked about our car debacle too but you know what?

For Pete's Sake (as my Diddy would  always say) it's a stupid car...or so what even in our case, two.

We have three kids who can (have) and will drive us bonkers, often do but just as easily make us go "DUH" and realize we brought them into this world. It wasn't their decision, it was ours and who else are they going to look to for an example but us?

We brought them to the dance.

If I can be a momma they love and respect...will feel as if I was crowned Homecoming Queen at a high school football game and beat out a hot blonde with big boobs and a reputation of going to third base on the first date.

Day five, now six.

Had to get up early this morning to take Tim to work since his car was in unstable if not most probably inoperative shape (after recently being towed to the shop) before I headed to the airport.

It rained the entire way and I hate driving in rain, especially when Tim and I still aren't speaking.

I dropped him off and headed to the airport with zero minutes to spare as the rain started coming down even harder. I was a nervous wreck by the time I pulled into the Intl parking deck. I didn't have time to park and ride MARTA free so had to shell out twelve bucks to park but's almost worth the forty five minutes it saves you to and from work especially when it's pouring outside.

(So we're about four or five days into this blog by now)

I had a nice surprise at work tonight while  sitting in the food court taking my break grubbing down on two complimentary chili dogs, fries and large F.O. from The Varsity when I noticed a message on my phone. One of my blog readers and good cyber friends was in the airport on a two hour layover and wanted to stop by and see me.

I've only met her once before but feel really close to her, especially in this new fangled techno time of Social Networking.

She got to meet TJ since he was working too and even met Ziggy's grandma who not only got me my job but gave us the best "Bad Dog" we've ever had.

It was slow so I got to chat with her a little bit. She reads my blog a lot so already knows what's going with me but was really great to be able to hug her neck and talk face to face for a few.

As she left to make her connecting flight told her about a short cut back to the plane train for the concourse she was flying out of ... just take the far bank of elevators down and it would put her out right by the plane train.

Seems my new friend has a phobia about elevators. I pointed to the escalators instead but mentioned was strange how she had no problem about getting inside a metal and aluminum hollow tube and going up to 30,000 feet and screaming across the sky to the other side of our nation in four hours.

With a guy you never met behind the wheel.  Go figure.

We laughed, hugged her and she headed for the escalators.

I got back to her table and had she not only left me a tip like I told her not to but had tipped me really Phat to boot. I stopped and filled up with gas on the way home thanks to her!

(next day)

It was so slow at work we heard crickets all day. It was a good wake up call not to take this job for granted and be grateful for every Phat day, not simply count on it. I had to pick Tim up after I got off from my dismal shift and he said there was a shutdown on the highway heading home so showed me a back way. He saved us three hours of sitting in traffic so was glad he was at least speaking to me again.

Pulled into the driveway so tired I was having to concentrate just to stay awake. Since I wore my shoulder out weed eating the front of the subdivision a few days ago has been killing me, especially at night when I try to sleep. I was sleep deprived, even for me!

I came in the kitchen door to hear not only the washing machine but vacuum cleaner running.

Zach was cleaning house for me and immediately made me feel better!

(and now the next day)

At least pay day is tomorrow. It's the one slow month at the airport but at least Tim and I are both working and have one reliable vehicle.

You know, I was in a really bad mood the other night and had a lot going on in my own head when Tim and I had our falling out and as we finally stormed away from each other thought about this song.

It can't be "Over"... death hasn't parted us yet!

Yes Tim has his faults as do I.

Granted I'm usually right because feel like I am... but are two sides to every story and two partners in every marriage. (unless you count that creepy 'wanna be hip dude' from Sister Wives)

It would be a shame to give up now, not that I am the giving up type and definitely the fighting type.

(Small Pun)

If not having a second car is the biggest problem we currently have, should both be smacked in the face and wake up to the real world around us!

I won't lie, peeps everywhere freaking out about Ebola and me working in the International terminal at the world's busiest airport make my hot flashes seem insignificant but have total faith in the CDC.

By this point in my life,  have complete Faith God is in control and could possibly step off a curb at the airport and be smashed like a bug in an instant.

We've made it to the corner. We've had so much help and so many prayers that feel we'll make it come hell or high water.

I look at it this way...

Tim and I have the rest of our lives together to get over a fight.

I think he now understands why I'm exhausted and what it means to actually take care of a house.

(and next day)

It's pay day tomorrow and couldn't get out of work fast enough tonight. Didn't bank but made a heck of a lot more than would have made street side. One old dude who comes in twice a month on his way out to or from the oil rig off the coast of Bangkok loved me and tipped me a ridiculous amount, my shoulder is feeling better, I made the last MARTA train before they switched to twenty minutes between each ride and was sitting on my bony butt at home blogging by ten.

I think this is my favorite quote as of late:

If life is easy, you're either incredibly blessed beyond belief, cheating, or missing the most important lesson.

I am the luckiest unlucky person I know...and I know a lot of peeps.

When you want to gripe about your own life, look around at the actual big picture.

And I'm worried about  the cheap ceiling fan upstairs in a spare bedroom that isn't working?

With God as my witness, if this blog ever makes me money will so  pay it forward. I don't wanna brag but this world needs a lot more peeps like me, one's who actually GET it.

It's extremely simple.

Love and Be Loved. Never expect more unless you are willing to give it.

If you don't pay life forward, you'll always be behind.

Tumbling into bed, older but wiser.

Life is a gift.

Til next time...

An extremely humbled  COTTON

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