Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guess I Was Destined To Be A Momma

I may not be the best wife, sister or in law but think was always destined to be a "Momma."

I've learned this even more so after working with all my new "Kids" at work. I'm old enough to be all of their grandmas.

I came into work a couple of weeks ago with a huge bag of Rice Krispie Treats and they all went wild. One young girl said she'd pay me to bring her a batch of her own.

It just seems to come naturally to me. I always make sure I know every dishwasher and cook's name and speak to them as an equal, because they all have to work a heck of a lot harder than I do for a lot less.

The hosts and server assistants like me because I don't cheat them on their tip out (server assistants) and will make a cup of coffee for the hostesses just like my Mema used to. Kiddy coffee, mostly sugar and lots of cream. It's still the way I drink my own.

They all seem amazed I am still with "Baby Daddy" after almost thirty years and our kids were raised under one roof (crib).

I'm an Old School Momma.

My sore shoulder is still keeping  me awake at night but had no problem snoozing the afternoon away...and did.

Made a batch of three dozen Toll House cookies and a double batch of Rice Krispie Treats tonight for my own kids tomorrow and my work kids this weekend.

I'm quickly becoming popular with my work kids.

One of the girls was asking when I was baking again the other night at work  and TJ commented "She makes awesome brownies."

Guess I'll need to add brownies the next time!

When you're a momma you fly by the seat of your pants. You get it wrong sometimes but  always seem to make it right enough.

My own kids aren't perfect and neither are my work kids but all seem to love me doing the momma thing and will hopefully instill in them what it means to be loved by a Momma.

It's insane for me but have yet another day off tomorrow. Heck, I may even make those brownies too.

Til next time...Momma COTTON

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