Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Gotta Get A Lot More Hip

TJ and I both opened the restaurant this morning. We were the first servers there and hadn't even ridden together. Punctuality isn't some servers strong suit.

We got everything done and went on break around nine to take the plane train to concourse C and grab some free grub from Atlanta Bread Company.

We were walking through the atrium on our way to the elevator talking about all the crazy stuff we see at the airport on a daily basis. TJ said I needed to get an Instagram account and start posting pictures.

Here's why he said it. We see crazy people and crazy things every day, from the MARTA station to the shuttle to International to the concourse we work on to the concourse we go eat on. TJ just always laughs at things...me, I get out my cell and record it. He was horrified when I was filming my little buddy on the shuttle.
 Not a problem, she never once noticed or even looked in my direction and was about three feet away from me. Number two reason: TJ told someone at work once "Kelly will say anything to any random person...doesn't bother her one bit."

He's right, it doesn't.

TJ and I were leaving work one day after an exhausting ten hour shift. We of course went all the way to the last plane train to board. That way when you get back to Ground transportation and the doors open are closest to the escalators you hot foot it up to the domestic terminal, round the corner and make that next MARTA train. When a hundred people are all getting off the plane train at once the escalator backs up quickly, especially with people too lazy to walk up the already moving steps or move to the side so YOU can.

We learned early on that only employees and a few savvy passengers have learned that trick. By the time you get to T gate, the last stop before Ground Transportation, that last plane train is crammed with employees, all bunched together by that last door just waiting for it to open like a starting gate and bolt out.

There was a Air Serve guy standing right by me at the front of the "Bolting Line" last door of the last car of the plane train. He kept looking at his watch so I knew he rode MARTA and was wanting to make that next train.

When the doors finally opened and the peeps started to bolt out of the starting gate I said kinda loudly "Annd They'reee OFF!!!" The Air Serve guy gave me a look like I was an idiot. (Guess he must know me)

TJ cracked up.

He's also right. I have no qualms about recording fascinating people and things and Instagram sounds right up my alley. Now all I have to do is learn what it is and how to use it.

Case in point:

I've talked about the Super Hero dishwasher we have part time at work. Yes we have plastic aprons but this dude likes his own self designed apron out of the heavy duty garbage bags. It goes well with his long Super Hero gloves and airport badge on his upper arm. Yep, it's a Super Hero costume if I ever saw one.

They hired another dishwasher to help the Super Hero and he was as amazed as I am. Last night he told me to come back to the kitchen and see something, which immediately meant I had to get my cell phone first.

Unfortunately my phone was on silent from being at work and didn't record sound but my Super Hero had his tunes going loud and was scrubbing to the beat, at half mast. Don't ask me why he squats down so low to scrub the pans, none of us have figured it out yet. I guess they are all waiting on me to ask him...and I will.
Geez dude, I know it's back breaking work but is your back already broke?

You know, I admire him for even coming in to work. Washing dishes in a busy, classy upscale restaurant isn't a walk in the park...they even scrutinize the plates we serve the dishes on.

I have been at this job for a little over four months and every single day have witnessed something at the very least noteworthy if not amazing.

So it looks like I need to learn how to Tweet, Instagram and Snapchat. In other words it's time to go visit the daughter at college , take her out to eat and have a tutorial brunch. Heck, it took me two weeks to figure out the whole hash tag thing.

I took this picture tonight after getting home from getting back home after stopping at the house after work and going right back out to run errands. (yes it makes my head spin too and welcome to my world)

I zoomed in which makes it fuzzy, my old hands always shake (Massey says I take terrible pics) but really like this one.

I call it the "Monet Full Moon".

I'm not exactly sure how I worked seven days a week for over three months with the airport commute thrown into the mix but just glad it's behind me.

I'm going to see Massey on one of my (bragging) two days off and getting me some edjumacation on these new fangled  apps and getting up to speed.

I was even thinking today might just start video taping my blog posts. Everybody except my husband and kids seem to think I'm pretty funny...maybe I am!

Til next time ... COTTON

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