Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Girl Could Get Used To This

I'm not really sure how I worked all those months with just five days off but sure makes working five days a week seem like a vacation.

The bills are getting paid, the house is staying clean and (usually) always some leftover home cooked food in the fridge.

I wake up feeling great and go to bed feeling even better. Every once in a while I'll have a long day and hit the sack early or may have a rough day and feel exhausted but never seem to have a crappy day or feel like a pile of fifty four year old dog poop anymore.

It's an incredible feeling!
I'm beginning to think it was worth waiting for over five years to feel this good.
God opened and shut a few windows for a while but seems to have determined we deserved the open one. ( I just pray He isn't really a She and prone to being fickle)

I seem to be getting my "Bounce" back. I can even feel it when I'm trucking my short legs up the MARTA parking lot toward the station or running to catch that next train.

Finally I can even feel it when connecting with my customers at work.

I got the biggest ego boost and feeling of somewhat success at my new job tonight.

One of the veteran servers who opened the restaurant ( helped train me) came in for work tonight after I had been on for about three hours. She was folding linens at a high top table where all us servers do and one of the tables I was waiting on was right in front of her.

After sitting there listening to me converse with my table, taking them the check back and try to correctly pronounce the last name on the card as I handed it to the Ruskie to sign, turned to another server and said "Heck,I need Kelly to train ME!"

This server and I got off to a rocky start but after working there over four months know why.

She's like me, she's a "Lifer".

So many of these young kids think it's just a means to an eventual end.  It could be, if they were dedicated to an end but a few of them aren't. They go out every night and probably spend most of what they make. They wake up late the next day and find it easier to call in late or out than to get up and muscle through.

Hello??  "Play Hard Pay Hard"

She had been working with some  slacks and was tired of it. I can't (and don't) blame her one bit.

I got in there and showed them what I was about.

I may not know food or wine that fancy but knew how to show up, polish, clean and not only do what needed to be done but help others as well.

It's called team work and I was all about it!

This is us at work.

We've really bonded, just like Lucy and Ethyl. Just like Thelma and Louise.

Just like Wilma and Betty.

Actually she's been through a heck of a lot more than me. I've never had cancer.

Maybe the Big Guy sent me to make HER life a little easier?

She's definitely Lavern.

This one is a toss up.

Euphoria as defined by Webster:
"A feeling of happiness or well being"

Yep, I'm both of those.

Tumbling in to bed excited about bouncing back out of it,  for the first time in what seems like forever.

Now I think I know
What you tried to say to me
And how you suffered for your sanity
And how you tried to set them free.

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