Friday, October 17, 2014

I Should Be Used To This By Now

Tim drove my little truck to work yesterday since his is toast (after spending $268 on new brakes) and I was off.

I was going to get up and take him to work since he was working nearby in Fayetteville but when six thirty rolled  around  decided to just be car less for a day. It's not like I'm even really used to having one anyway.

He needed to drive it again today, was working up in Cobb county and was no way I was making that trip twice.

My sister had offered the night before to loan me her car for the day and by noon decided to take her up on her offer. I had a ton of errands to run and was my last day off til next Thursday.  Just like a   "Leach" sib, she came over and picked me up forty five minutes later.

After taking her back home I dropped off our winter coats for their "Every four year" dry cleaning, went by the bank, went by the grocery store and came home in time to give Zach a ride to work. He's saving up for a car and don't mind taking him since he works ten minutes away and is an excellent vacuumer!

Before he left for work, had been working with another one of the Lost Boys out in the garage. They managed to fix my garage door opener which has been broken for over four years. I think I finally threw the remote away last year when cleaning out the junk drawer.

Decided to stop off after taking Zach to work at Walmart and pick up a new remote. Took my twenty five minutes and the start of a bad headache to find anyone to attempt and help me.

Come find out a half hour later, they used to sell them but don't anymore.

I went next door to Lowe's and found exactly what I needed I under five minutes. I picked up one car remote ($34) and went crazy and bought a key pad for the outside of the garage for others not having a remote in their car, if we ever get another car.

Got back home.

I opened the universal "Genie" remote and looked up at our newly fixed garage door opener to see

My bad.

Called the Sears store here in town and found out yes they had them and yes they closed in fifteen minutes.

Took my sister's car to the Sears store, got there five minutes before closing and bought another remote and key pad... clearly marked "Craftsman".

Got back home and one of the Lost Boys was there. I handed off the new remote and key pad and went back to Lowe's to return the Genie and get my seventy two dollars back.

Got home at dark but my Lost Boy had everything hooked up and ready to go!

It will be nice having a remote again with winter coming and think how nice it will be when we finally have two vehicles again and don't have to pull up a fifty pound door every time we come home!

Got all the laundry caught up, a meal made and finished ironing my last work shirt. No ironing for a week now which saves me ten minutes a day for the next week. That's over an hour I'll have back.

Got all my goodies for my work kids all bagged up and ready to, painting my stubby nails and taking a hot bath (saving another ten minutes in the AM) and calling it a day.

It's getting better and I know it is but can't wait to wake up one morning and be back where we were six years ago.

Think how much younger I'll be!

Til next time COTTON

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