Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Longest Week EVER

Of course I fretted over taking two days off work for my nephew's wedding so gave the go ahead for them to schedule me all they wanted this week. Stupid me, of course they listened. I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and still have Thursday and Friday to go. I'll be off Saturday but right back at it Sunday and Monday. I hate to sound like I'm complaining but think I am.

I'm making incredible money and socking away for the move to Orlando but has exhausted me these past few shifts. Tonight I got a much needed reprieve. It was strangely slow and only made $150 but feel better for not having to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off all night.

It also gave us plenty of time to watch the first Qatar flight out of the ATL. My manager and I walked down to the gate where it had landed. It was too big for the gate and had to shuttle the passengers from the tarmac with people movers, a huge bus that extended up on legs to the door of the plane and then loaded them on buses to take them to the terminal. It was the biggest plane I've ever seen, dwarfing the 747's beside it.

Everyone in the international terminal (mostly employees) were gawking every chance they got. As it approached for departure, right by our restaurant we snuck into a hallway off limits to passengers and watched them load.

Coach seats are $7000, first class twelve grand. That's way out of my league but was fascinating to watch.

I've seen a lot of things I never have before, working at the world's busiest airport. I've met a lot of people I would have never met either and and made a lot of friends. I now have only three months left and not sure how I feel.

 One one hand feel blessed beyond belief and on the other feel relief my time there is coming to an end.

Working there hands down helped save our family, allowed my daughter to put her own self through her third year of college and gave her a glimpse of what I've done for almost forty years.

We laugh together and work hard together. What a blessing for me to be allowed to have and experience as a mom.

I took a giant leap of faith when taking this job and has paid off tremendously in more ways than one.

So once again am changing and moving on.

I'm finally looking at it this way...if I could get this job I can get any job, and will.

After my one night of relaxation am sure will be balls to the wall the next so simply tumbling into bed after saying a prayer of thanks, folding three loads of laundry, taking off my makeup and letting the pups once again sleep on Tim's once side of the bed.

I have twelve more weeks of airport madness to go and now that I know that am certain I can do it.

Stay tuned, it's just gonna get better... COTTON

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