Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Awesome Day

So it was back to the Crazy House aka the world's busiest airport after a spectacular day off with tons of stuff done.

Got busy right off the bat and one of my first tables was a man and wife with a teenage daughter. Their flight had gotten changed and had a couple of hours to chill. Really nice family, the husband looked just like a young Jack Nicholson. After two hours of chilling asked for the check. The minute I saw his credit card, I thought to myself "I know who this guy is, or do I"? The name was Michael Lukovich. I kept thinking, Mike not Michael.


I went back to the table and asked if he was the political cartoonist for the Atlanta Journal Constitution?

Well slap me ball was him!

Let me say he was one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Totally engaging and his wife and daughter were just as delightful. He actually said "Do you have a piece of paper because if you do would be glad to do a quick drawing of you."

By this time, Massey had been introduced to him as well and he chatted with her while I dropped a couple of checks and ran a few drinks to other tables. Lucky for me, business died just as quickly as it started.

That's one of the crazy things, we'll be packed then all leave at once. Worked out good for me tonight. He told me to sit and just look at his forehead. My only request was to make me look younger and not like Donald Trump. Two minutes later he handed me this...


He had asked Massey what's something funny about me while I was taking care of exiting tables. She told him I loved to cut grass on my Johnny Dear and he was probably my favorite child.

How cool is that??

Then just as soon as the restaurant emptied and after he left (leaving me an extra $30 tip) it filled up again.

I got cut around eight thirty and checked my phone while in the restroom. Tim had sent me a text telling me to look at a house my brother had found for us, $25,000 under our allotted budget.

Then my night got even better. It was perfect for us. Plenty of fenced in yard for our goofy dogs outside of the screened in pool and plenty of  house with no carpet, lots of open space and a fabulous back and front yard for me to putz around in.

I knew immediately. This is the house for us.

This should be our new home, the one we'll (hopefully) grow old together in.

Guess I'll be taking Johnny Dear with me!

If someone had told me my life would be this good four years ago when I fell headfirst  into our kitchen table after letting all three dogs in the back kitchen door out of a rainstorm and slipping on their wet muddy paw marks and too broke to go to the emergency room but instead had a son still living  with us who had enough of his own money to go buy a first aid kit and butterfly bandage my cut head back together, would tell you you were crazy!

Then the job of a lifetime fell into my lap and four years later, we are steam rolling ahead full force. My husband has moved up and up, then up again in his new job. I'm finishing one which has worn me out but provided exceptionally well.

When your back's against the wall, fight like a crazy lady... so I did.

 I fought back...and won!

You may be right, I may be crazy but am one lucky, crazy gal.

Without these two, it wouldn't have happened. Lucky once again, I do have them.

My thanks run deep, far and wide. God had a plan and lucky for me I had family and friends.

If this is a dream...please don't wake me up.

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