Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Another Day Clearer and Closer


When it comes to work am a creature of habit. I know my schedule and is the only way I can tell what day of the week it is.

My nephew got married last week so took two days off in a row for their rehearsal dinner and wedding.  My usual off days are split. I told my managers at work to schedule me any days they wanted as long as I could have those two particular days off.

The little hamster inside my head who runs on that wheel got all confused. I haven't been able to keep up with what day it is for almost a week.

I had to write on the calendar when I am supposed to work and have to look at it every night.

Life could be worse.  I could be out of work and have nothing to write on my calendar.

Been there done that! 

I'm seemingly (not) suddenly at one of the best places in my life. It was hands down a hard five year climb but think (know) has made me a better person.

I've had more than a few people contact me about how we got through the biggest financial debacle of our life.

I can't say for certain but am pretty sure is because we never gave up.

I spent three years paying NSF fees and most probably funded the building of a new branch for my bank.

When our mortgage company tried to scare us with foreclosure, getting six months behind for the first time in fifteen years after being on time for every payment before...almost dared them to.

The only reason they wanted our house is because were three years from payoff and wanted to profit from our loss.

Always fight.

We chose to be players, albeit paying late fees. My husband took a job way beneath his potential but after six months was rewarded and has soared after almost two years of living a thousand miles away from us. (Huge thanks to Vicki for the recommendation)

I stepped out on a limb, fumbling then tackling the greatest serving job ever. It's a nightmare to even get to the job but once through the hoops of parking and TSA security have made more money than I could ever dream of making.

Almost thirty years ago Tim married me in a big ole borrowed hat and pair of borrowed shoes. I got my dress for seventy bucks at a JCP outlet and had it altered to fit my tiny bust.

I've shrunk about twenty pounds the last decade from fret and worry but am busting out now.

When you think you can't, you can. Even when you think all is lost, what's the harm in keeping on? It certainly beats the alternative.

If you don't try how will you ever know if you can succeed?

You can just live, or you can live your life.

Not ashamed to say that after all these years of struggling, was totally worth it and would do it all again in a heart beat.

Three months to go!!


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