Sunday, June 5, 2016


Twelve weeks from today we'll be packing up the house we've lived in for over twenty years and moving to Florida to join my husband. We're still undecided but thinking maybe Melbourne or Cocoa Beach area. With Tim's new promotion, is manager of deliveries over the entire state now and will travel quite a bit but his home office will be in Orlando. I've put in for four days of vacation the first week in July and will hopefully find something then.

The past two and a half years have gone by in a furious but overwhelmingly awesome blur and quite often wonder why all this goodness happened to me?

I ponder on it more than I should, probably because am a worrier by nature.

Was never a worrier when young, single and incredibly stupid (with a pretty good figure) but since marrying and bringing kids into this messed up world have realized the fragility of life and how much it means to be a hard working good and trusted person.

It means everything.

I've sometimes done the wrong  thing with good intentions and kited more than my fair share of checks during our crisis but have never done nothing.

Nothing means zero or as the Clampetts said, naught. You have to wake up every day and continue to give life your all. The fact you even woke up is a blessing to begin with, the rest is simply gravy.

Sometimes the gravy doesn't thicken like you'd want or may be watery or without flavor... but it's still gravy. Something added as a bonus.

My last job, worked thirteen out of fourteen available shifts a week solid for over two years just to make ends meet. Sometimes even that wasn't enough but was fortunate enough to work  for a family owned restaurant who took care of or loaned me the rest, interest free.

That was awesome gravy, and the gravy which got us through.

Then I hit the lottery of a life time. A job with so many logistical challenges but also with the sweetest gravy ever. Financial freedom from debt.

And all along the way, were blessed with friends and sometimes even strangers who read or heard of our struggle and gave selflessly to our cause.

Oh, we've so got this now and don't you think for a minute we'll ever forget the love. If you want to be loved... you have to love. If you want to be helped, you have to help others as well, even when struggling yourself.

Our struggles have been the strongest part of our life and marriage. Without them, we'd be a weak, watery and tasteless gravy.

It's pretty good to feel like you used to wake up dreading taking another single step but seemingly just like that, you're tasting the best gravy ever.

My life is good, my life is full and not too sure how I got here but glad I did.

Til next time, COTTON

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