Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tomorrow's Just A Future Yesterday

Yesterday is behind me and tomorrow is ahead of me. You know what yesterday was like, you never know about tomorrow. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that.

I came home from work tired but was exhausted by the time I went to bed. Zach and his buddies were getting on my nerves as I was cleaning house trying to listen to the Ga. Tech game over them playing a video game. I politely (maybe not ) asked them to leave. Massey was home, Tim was still at work and deemed it "Estrogen Night".

Massey and I hung out a bit and she left to go hang out with a friend. Fine by me, I'm rarely home alone and kind of like it.

I had stopped earlier between doing laundry and vacuuming to pee with the door open and discovered what resembled a small crime scene in my underpants.

For Pete's sake...I thought all my dues had been paid and was a certified old lady member of the "Through With Menopause" club.

Seems I'm not...dammit.

And just like that my mood shifted. Zach said something  that hit me the wrong way and I kicked them all out. Massey said something to me that hit me the wrong way and I unloaded on her.

Sometimes you simply have to unload.

I have great kids and love their friends but sometimes need to remind them who you are and what all you do. I'm sure some things they notice and some they don't but sure would be nice if they would mention the ones they do.

After my meltdown and the house was once again spic and span tumbled into bed, still in my work clothes.

Tim woke me this morning. He asked if I had to work today and as usual asked him what day it was? He said Sunday and I answered yes. I asked him what time it was and when he told me eight o'clock bolted out of bed. I was supposed to be there by eight thirty, but was still in now wrinkled and crime scene stained work clothes.

I ran for the shower as I asked him to iron a shirt for me.

Here's the thing. My husband is my complete polar opposite. He came back upstairs with my ironed work shirt and a cup of coffee after I finished my three minute shower and was on the phone calling work while slapping on some make up.

He said "You're late, there's nothing you can do now but make the best of's your shirt and some coffee."

He was right. I've been late maybe twice in the last seven months and at least I was going to show up.

The executive chef answered the phone and told him I had way overslept but would be there within the hour. He said it was okay and would see me when I got there.

I told Tim to call TJ (who was opening with me) and tell him I was running late. Done.

Knowing TJ was running on time and had my back made it a little  less painful when I even had to stop for gas before getting on the highway for the airport.

TJ had everything done by the time I got there. Dang I love that boy!

I clocked in and clocked back out to get a break slip and we both went and got some free breakfast.

Yesterday ended up tough, today started out worse but just like that...everything was okay.

The other server opening with us was a no show so TJ had opened the entire place alone. He didn't complain about, just simply said "Let's go eat" after I clocked in and apologized. Maybe he's more like his dad than I thought.

It's usually snoozeville on Sunday mornings until drink thirty.

Yes it's the busiest airport in the world but can't serve alcohol until twelve thirty on Sundays. Idiotic law if you ask me.

Welcome to the backwoods south.

Today there were over ten people waiting for us to open the gate to the restaurant at ten o'clock. They streamed in and they kept on coming.

Five minutes after we opened TJ and I both had five tables a piece and more peeps coming through the door.


It got hairy but we all worked together and one hour later the place was empty again. Ten minutes later more peeps started filing in and had a terrific shift.

Every single person I waited on today was a delight. I chatted with them all (I'm a big "Chatter") learned their travel destinations and stories. They loved the food and all complimentary on everything from the decor to the service.

I clocked out at five almost two hundred dollars richer on my next paycheck and had seventy extra bucks to take home in cash.


When I finally clocked into work this morning at almost nine fifteen feeling panicked and furious with myself... saw TJ had everything done.

My oldest boy just smiled at me and said "Let's go get breakfast".

Am I the luckiest woman on the planet or what?

I was on the shuttle back to the parking deck after work and randomly checked my email. There was an email from a name which sounded familiar and the subject line read "Jethro".

I opened it and was an email from two customers I waited on yesterday. We had chatted about how times were different when we were young which led into a conversation about how great our childhood was which led into a  conversation about how great old TV shows were. We discussed Bewitched, The Andy Griffith Show and my personal favorite, The Beverly Hillbillies. I told them both I even used 'The Clampetts' as my email address.

This guy and his wife sent me this photo while on the first day of their vacation.

How awesome is that?

It simply read "From Dave and Skipper at the airport".

I don't want to brag, or maybe I am...but this is the second couple who have emailed me after dining with me at the airport. I don't know the actual stats but seems like a good sign.

Who doesn't like to make a new friend?

I came home last night tired and went to bed feeling like an unappreciated and unasked blood donor.

I woke this morning feeling like a loser for over sleeping.

I got to work extremely late but worked hard from the time I walked in til the time I walked out.(after my immediate free breakfast)

How did I get so lucky?

Why did I get so stressed last night?

Why do I worry about things out of my control?

I'm a happy (wo)man...or at least striving to be with pretty good results thus far. Sometimes I just need to slap myself and say "Don't be stupid, be grateful".

Til next time...COTTON

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