Monday, December 8, 2014

Reality Check...Again

Feeling a little down tonight, that's why I headed to my blog. It's my happy place.

Work was officially a bust today when I needed it to BANG.

Payday is Wednesday at midnight. I have about thirty bucks left to my name, the dog food ran out today, I only have one day off this week which is tomorrow and my car has to be in the shop all day. I have tons to do but won't have a car. Then I thought, why did I need my car if I didn't have any money?

It's like  money controls everything.

It doesn't.

Trust me, I've learned this.

I had to stop, make myself think back over a year ago when borrowing from Peter to pay Paul just to keep the utilities connected.

And ours is. I know this now.

Yeah yeah yeah, so it's seventeen days til Christmas. I don't need a reminder.

I have a husband who expects nothing and would never, ever even think about asking one of us for something much less anything.

See? I am lucky!

I have three kids and around ten other people to buy a gift for. I've decided to be a minimalist.

The always wise Dr. Seuss sums it up perfectly!

I should be out buying fabulous gifts for peeps left and right. Everybody and their brother (including my own and his older sister) are who've got us through these past few years.

To my tiny mind seems that should be reason enough to celebrate and be happy.

And happy I shall be!

I can afford a book of stamps (also outrageously priced) but love writing (even with an actual pen) and lucky for me use pens on a daily basis as a waitress. (waitress makes me sound younger)

Yep, I'm "Old School".

My sister gave me a bunch of  Christmas cards from her church the kids there made. I have about twenty other random cards and envelopes.

If Christmas means so much to you, what better way to express it than with thought feeling soul and as an added bonus be in the form of your own handwriting?

Would you really rather have some junk something from Big Lots or Dollar Tree with no thought behind but pretty paper and a bow around?

I don't think so. I think I know you all better than that.

I'm thinking after fifty four years have finally found the perfect present!

No worries we're still struggling albeit much much closer.

Closer is better. It's much better.

Along the seemingly long road have been enlightened and discovered what I think life is all about.

It's about "Living" and being "Loved".

It's about being grateful for what you have not for what you want.
It's about treating others like you want to be treated.
It's about getting what you give.
It's about knowing what goes around comes around.

It's about finally getting the entire picture.

Guess I already got my Christmas present!!

Love is all you need. Give some and promise, will get more than you deserve.

Guess I'm a slow learner but was depressed when I first sat down to write and now I'm not.

Now I feel humbled and embarrassed to have even thought we had a reason to feel depressed.

Luckiest woman in the world telling you all to have a Merry Christmas instead of buying one.

Til next time...COTTON

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