Wednesday, December 10, 2014

And Just Like THAT...

Had a horrible day yesterday and like an idiot went to Walmart to return some batteries. My head began throbbing as soon as I pulled in the parking lot and waited at least four minutes behind a car with it's back up lights on  for a parking spot to no avail. I just went around and parked further away.

I should have turned around and gone back home to the sofa again for another grape juice bar then but instead continued on from my parking spot at  the far end of the lot and walked past the car now ready to pull out and go.

Pay day wasn't until tomorrow night and was flying by the seat of my pants. I had seven dollars in my bank account, I was out of gas and the dogs were out of food. I took the batteries back because they were the wrong size and cost six bucks. I found an old lottery ticket Zach had given me for loaning him five dollars, it was worth seven so was going to cash that in too and be golden til pay day. I could buy gas for work and a small bag of chow for the pups.

There were two people in front of me at returns and one woman being waited on. It was ten til five. At five the young woman behind the register had to call someone over to help her help the woman currently at the counter.

At this point the man in front of me turned around to slowly roll his eyes and wipe his hand down the front his face.

He looked at me and I said "I feel like shooting myself in the head from the time I pull in the parking lot."

Finally they got the first customer all figured out and refunded, then the next person stepped up.

After two more calls for help from someone the next person got served and was gone by ten after five.

The eye rolling man was up next and had to explain to the young cashier twice what she was doing wrong (and he didn't even work there) before he returned his one item and left at five twenty.

Don't get me wrong. The cashier was nice, very young but obviously new or maybe just a little slow.

My gripe is that about five employees (in Santa hats) were all milling around doing absolutely nothing right behind the service desk area while this girl struggled with every return as people piled up behind us original three like a herd of wild animals with somewhere to go or be.

I felt like screaming by the time I left for the long walk back to my car. Next stop was to cash in my lotto ticket at the gas station by Kroger and then bought the pups some food.

I got home, fed the dogs and collapsed on the sofa from the sheer emotional exhaustion I had endured.

Heck, I used to live like this day after day, month after month and actually year after year.

How on earth I did it is anyone's guess except that I truly  know how I did. We had so much help from others it's borderline embarrassing.

Thank God being embarrassed isn't a crime, I would have put away five years ago.

I stayed on the sofa while  chomping down another grape juice bar then just gave up, went to my bedroom and watched three hours of recorded "Parenthood" from under the covers of my king sized bed with the dreamy Beauty Rest pillow top mattress and box springs scored for forty bucks when  I worked for a mattress store and bought it from a nice wealthy older couple who I sold a new set. I doubt they did the wild thing on it all that often.

My sister had come by while I was at Walmart having a breakdown and left me a twenty for gas money. I was good, although now I could forgo Marta the next day and park at international saving myself well over two hours of time. Plus pay day would be at midnight and could pay her back.

It's getting better all the time.

If Aunt Flow hadn't shown up all uninvited I would have been fine. Throw in the hormonal freak show after nearly a year's absence and almost felt suicidal...or maybe like killing someone.

Yeah, That's the feeling!

"I ain't going no where, but a lot of you are really getting on my nerves, standing in the way when I happen to be way over the halfway mark in this rodeo. Do I really have to choke a bitch?"

Yes! That should the motto of any woman who (has worked like a fire ant for five years, suffered hot flashes for three, worked two jobs for a while) finally eleven months curse free...and then BAM!

"Remember me? Your Aunt Flow! It's been so long. Bet you didn't expect me, didcha?"

I called the day a wash. I gave up.

Then I woke up this morning after a twenty four hour pity fest determined to make it a better day...

And it was.

I got to work and the whole place was happy. From the lady who drove the shuttle from the parking deck with just me on it to the TSA guy who let me keep my jacket and scarf on through security. There was a trio with a great sax playing Christmas music in the atrium below the restaurant and just like that...

Everything changed, yet again.

The peeps loved me again, and again and again. I waited on the musicians from below and every one else spread their cheer with me as well.

I have enough cash to make the house note check we wrote today good, pay Verizon and on top of that will have my pay check deposited at midnight.

I wasted an entire day being sad because of hormones and worries over money.

Money is way over rated, hormones are not.

Guess that gives me half a "Get out of jail free" card.

I'll take it!

This one's just for some Christmas fun and  special shout out to my nephew's cute Hawaiian princess girl friend, Jamie.

It'll all be okay. God told me that and I believe Him.

Til next time...COTTON

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