Monday, December 15, 2014

Guess I'll Give In and Get Started

I'm in the hard part of my work week. I close on Friday night and open on Saturday morning. Added bonus (not) I woke up this morning with a terrible crick in my neck and by the end of my shift tonight was walking around like I either had a neck brace on or was Herman Munster.

It did take my mind off my bum shoulder and the fact that Aunt Flow overstayed her welcome.

The good news is finally remembered to buy corn pads and my pinkie toe is "Corn Free" again for a while.

I know that sounds gross but if you're a lifer server like me, know the feeling. A tiny callus of skin on your pinkie hurts like having a baby if anyone even touches your shoe, not to mention are horrible to look at.

The bad news is the crick in my neck. I slept wrong and kills me to even turn my head. It almost made me wish the corn was still on my pinkie toe to make my neck feel better or at least deflect the pain.

The bad news is I didn't get home til after midnight and have to back by eight in the morning. The good news is Ziggy and I took a nice two hour nap before I went to work. There's nothing better than sleeping with a pup spooning you.

The bad news is Christmas is less than two weeks away and bought my first present yesterday. The good news is I get paid early on Christmas Eve morning and have the entire day to browse through all the crap early shoppers didn't want. Worse come to worse, there's always an open gas station and scratch off Lottery tickets available.

I still get in a funk every once in a while, especially if I have an off day at work. Serving is a total crap shoot and you have to learn how to budget for off days.

I'm getting better at it. I've always been a scrambler and even when that fails have two sibs who always have my back. I'm a really lucky person.

I finally reached the end of my probationary period at work and available for insurance. Tim's getting his through his company and I'm getting Massey, Zach and myself signed up through my work. We'll have medical, dental, vision, life and disability. I'll also have a 401 K again and options for other saving plans.

Maybe my neck hurts so much because I've been looking behind me.

Note to self: Always look ahead, you can't do anything about what's already behind you.

For some lucky reason I've landed (small pun) at the hands down best place to work in the entire airport which just happens to be the world's busiest.

It's not like next year they'll close up like a strip mall and be not only an eyesore but out of business. They are there to stay and will only continue to grow as Atlanta does.

...Several days later...

 The crick in my neck is gone and finally caved. It's time to look like Christmas around the house, so grabbed a Fraser Fir by the horns and dragged it home.

Last week Massey and I looked around for a tree at a few lots here in Newnan. They wanted seventy five dollars for a six foot tree, a hundred fifteen for a twelve.

I declined their offer.

When I got off from my day shift on Saturday I went across the highway from the airport to the State Farmer's Market where my parents bought every Christmas tree we ever had.

I talked  a guy down to fifty bucks for a twelve foot Fraser Fir that was absolutely perfect. It took three guys to put it on the roof of my station wagon and tie it down. I tipped them five bucks, I mean it is Christmas.

My living room ceiling is twelve feet high and when Zach and one of the Lost Boys put it in the stand, just scraped  but not much. It was perfect!

Until it fell.

We hoisted it back up, Zach and his buddy took off for a Christmas party and I admired my beautiful tree!

All I needed to do was turn it a quarter turn so the one bare spot faced the wall. I decided to wait for Tim to get home from work. I sent him a text saying I needed help with turning the tree.

He walked in the house around nine PM. He had left the house at six AM.

Need I say more?
The man was tired.

He walked up to the living room where I was currently on a ladder putting on the lights. He looked at the tree (I could see his eyes following it all the way up to the ceiling) and slowly shook his head.

"But I got a great deal on it!" I blurted.

He helped me turn it just the way I wanted and felt even more unsteady in the satnd.

Not a  problem. I took a length of the white twine they had tied it down with at the market and secured the tree to the banister. You couldn't see the twine and the tree was steady.

For added security I put a bungee cord from the bottom of the trunk to the bottom of the staircase.

Then I got busy. Tim went to bed, still shaking his head.

The ornaments weren't on yet and still had to add three strings of lights but it's my favorite tree ever.

Decorated the mantel and hung the stockings.

Now it was beginning to look like Christmas. Once I got started it felt pretty good and was almost sorry I waited so long to jump on the Holiday Train.

I still have two more strands of lights and ornaments to put on but this silly tree has put the cheer in me.

It's finally Christmas around here.

I've still only bought one present, two if you count the tree. Everything else will fall into place, it always does somehow.

I think people tend to care more about presents and not enough about the reason. Of course that's easy to say when you're me but makes me realize how the past few years have enlightened my way of thinking and living.

I will be kissed, hugged and loved by family and friends. Who could possibly want more?

Hoping everyone is as fortunate and if not...keep on keeping on and give it your all.

You get what you give and God will never let you down. He may make you wait but maybe He's just giving you time to think.

Merry Christmas.

Til next time COTTON

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