Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Simply Wow.

It started out a typical day for a tired mom. I had started the dishwasher last night before going to bed and had the kitchen looking spic and span. Tim leaves before six in the morning and is supposed to let Ziggy out. He didn't.

Ziggy had to go.

At least it wasn't runny.

Tim also cooked breakfast and left all his dishes in the sink. I hate dirty egg pans that haven't been scrubbed.

Zach got up complaining about Ziggy so I complained about Tim. I think I won. (in my mind)

I cleaned house and closets, did laundry for four hours last night plus cooked dinner and put it all away then went to bed with an aching shoulder. My bum shoulder kept me up most of the night and wasn't an especially happy camper when I got up at nine to dog poop, a  loaded dishwasher that was clean but still loaded, dishes in the sink and egg crap in the trap.

Then I get a text from Massey with an attachment of a photo of the most bizarre rash on her neck and face.

I told her to go straight to the health clinic and waited for the diagnosis.

She has Shingles. Insurance hasn't kicked in yet (naturally) and knew she needed meds immediately. I left for work early and deposited enough money in her account for prescriptions.

The doctor or whoever was pretending to play one at the university clinic told her it was most probably stress related. She's currently in the middle of exams and I know how much she stresses.

Luckily a friend of mine from high school sent her the message "When you apply for a job after graduating they just want you to have a degree. They won't check your grades to see if you ever made a C."

I've never had the Shingles but have heard about them. I decided not to tell Massey everything I've heard. I took the easy route and told her to get every prescription filled they gave her.

Work was okay, not super busy but just the kind of night I needed after the day I'd had. I made fifty bucks extra after the 18% added gratuity and called it a win.

I got a text from Zach as I headed for the shuttle back to my car around nine. It included this picture of my kitchen which had crappy almost twenty year old linoleum when I left this morning.

You know what? My kids aren't perfect and neither are the Lost Boys but all love me almost as much as they have tried me.

I came home expecting debris and mess everywhere. I was impressed even more to find the kitchen put back together and only one strip of flooring to finish.

So what Tim's dishes from early this morning were still in the sink, now covered by lots of others?

The dishwasher still wasn't unloaded but was so taken with my new beautiful floor 99.5% complete and not even a mess, saw or tool to move out of the way that even the egg particles from this morning now stuck in the traps like glue didn't matter.

These boys can drive me crazy and often do but all know how to make me happy and did tonight.

They are going to finish tomorrow morning and lucky for them is my day off. I can't wait to cook them all dinner in  my new kitchen!

Massey needs to quit stressing as well.

Guess I may need to swing into the ATL to take my girl out for some pie while the Lost Boys finish up here.

When you feel like nothing is going right, just keep on keeping on and hope Karma remembers you.

Once again, I'm one of the lucky ones.

We have a chalk board in the kitchen my dear friend Lisa made us. I have written on it "If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done."

I got home from work tonight and after about an hour of admiring my new beautiful floor noticed one of the Lost Boys had changed the chalk board.

Til next time...COTTON

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