Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Birthday

I woke up early on the morning of my birthday. My first thought (or question) was, so I'm now about the same age as Phyllis Diller was in all the photos I use of her?

Not many people, especially the ones younger than me even know who she is (or was).

What a shame.

I always loved her quick wit,  the way she had of taking a different spin on the things in life, and never minded making fun of herself.

And the outfits!

I am Phyllis Diller...trust me.

To make it (myself) even better, am actually a combination of several women from the sixties.

I'm all about Granny Clampett too. 

 When they thought the billiard room was a fancy eating table, complete with pot passers.

When she boxed the giant jack rabbit. 

And Joan Rivers...

I feel as if I have ended up being an awesome eclectic combination of my favorite women from the sixties.

The future is here, when you wake up tomorrow.

The past is where I get my drive for tomorrow.

Modern technology is great but often leaves you with no memories of yesterday, unless they are on your cell or in your 'Cloud.' (which I've never figured out)

I leave my cell charging overnight in the kitchen, far away. (as far away as you can get in a tiny rental) Out of earshot and out of mind. If it's that's important, they'll come knocking at the door.

In my opinion, which is nothing but my own...people need to connect more face to face than to face time.

Yeah, Instagram and Snapchat seem to be the way to go these days, but after tutorials from my daughter...felt like it was a waste of my time.

Here's the thing... MY  thing.

I'm not looking for a shortcut in life, I'm already way over halfway there and then some.

I'd rather sit back, when I can. I'd rather have someone call me than text me. I'd rather get a card in the now 'snail mail' as opposed to something someone did with a click.

Guess I'm getting old and ranting, but the human touch seems to be missing.

Sounds ironic after this post, but my number isn't 657-5309. It's 678-485-4762.

Live  a life you'll feel proud of.

Moving to Orlando was a big deal for me. Starting again at a new job almost did me in...seriously. It took me six months to feel like I had my server MoJo back. I'm finally back on top of my game as a server and have been welcomed warmly into my new restaurant family.

I couldn't believe how excited they all were to shout out Happy Birthday to me as soon as I walked in the door to work on the fifty seventh anniversary of the day of my birth. I'm not gonna lie, it made me feel great!

Then after the dinner rush, one of the servers asked me if I had a minute to step back into the kitchen.

Bitch please...

they bought me a cake!

When I read what was written on the cake, it hit me.

These new coworkers really like me! I almost teared up. The only thing which stopped me was how solemn and slowly they all sang the Birthday Song. Why do people always make it sound like a funeral march?

I've never (for the life of me) understood why people have to painfully drag it out as if they were singing an invitational hymn in a southern church at the end of the sermon.

 I can vivdly remember our minister of music at the church I grew up in, leading the congregation in song. He would wave his hands back and forth in front of him, turning his palms over as we sang, always continually having a painful look on his face like he was begging us to pick up the pace.

We never did.  Sorry about that, Ralph G Warren, aka Minister of Music.

Hard to believe, but received over three hundred well wishes for my birthday via the web, with some still coming in two days after the fact.

One which struck me the most:

And happy birthday girl!!!!.....when I first met you a while back around the passing of Shad, you were going like scrubbing the bottom and gasping for air.....you are a true model for perseverance, fighting the struggle, and giving it your all.....I'm still digging myself, so you always inspire me!! Still following your mischievous humor and anecdotes, and always pulling for y'all, we will all get there one day maybe!! Keep on keeping on, those tipping Gods kept making it happen somehow, you are a miracle in motion!! Cheers!!

Here's something I think about quite a lot.

If how you live your life touches someone elses in any way, you're living it right.

I'm gonna keep on keeping on.

 So should you.

Till next time...COTTON

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