Saturday, August 5, 2017

After The Storm

Went to let the pups out after the daily downpour and saw this beautiful rainbow stretching from end to end over the college campus across from our back yard,

There's just something magical about rainbows. They almost seem like a promise from The Big Guy Upstairs.

Actually, I feel like they are.

A year ago next month, we threw our crap in a moving van and moved over four hundred miles away to start over in Orlando.

I thought I was ready. I thought I was excited for this new chapter to begin, but I wasn't.

That day I left my airport job for the last time was a crushing blow to me. The job had literally saved us from drowning and put us ahead for the first time in almost ten years.

The day I turned in my airport badge to my manager and walked away from the job of a lifetime was one of the most bittersweet moments I've ever experienced.

It was horrible at first, not gonna lie. The depression almost crushed me completely, until my brother stepped in, gave me a verbal slap in the face and told me to get over it.

So I did.

Yes I had to start all over again at a new job (I detest starting new jobs) and had to use a GPS just to get there but at least I was working again.

I think the day Massey and I first discovered Cocoa Beach, a thirty minute drive away...knew it would all be okay.

If I managed to be happy in Georgia when we were slap broke, I could most certainly be happy when we lived in Orlando and weren't.

Here's the thing.

The people who truly love you will keep in touch with you, no matter where you live or how far away it is.

The ones who don't keep in touch, don't really matter all that much.

We're making the last payment on our house in Georgia this month. That's something; actually it's awesome considering it's been only twenty two years.

 Our daughter is graduating from college with her degree in a few short months, with much thanks to help from my wonderful brother. Our oldest son is doing well and advancing in his career in Charlotte. Our younger son has blown my mind and actually making his way through his own life back in Georgia, without me.

It kinda hurts but also makes me proud.

I sweated like crazy for ten years, even when I wasn't in the sun...partially from  hot flashes but  kept on going when I didn't think (we) or I could.

I've had several people contact me, asking me how I did it...while in dire straights of their own.

There is no recipe or map to life.

It's a blindfolded journey we all travel.

Never stop trying at life. If there is a breath left in you, there is a chance for success.

This song came on tonight while I was blogging. It came out the year I was a senior in high school.

True that!

Life isn't logical.

Life is what you make of and do with it.

 I'm quickly getting a lot older but slowly, gradually, getting a lot smarter.

So should you.

Till next time...COTTON

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