Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Silent Spat

I very rarely ever have differences of opinion with either of my two siblings, we're a tightly knit three.

 Always have been.

My sister and I both know better than to get in an argument with our brother; he's way too much like our Diddy.  Diddy got mad when major league baseball players (underpaid to play a game for a living?) went on strike in 1994 and vowed to never watch another game.

He didn't... for literally years.

My brother is the nicest person in the world, unless you make him we don't. Of course we all three fell from the same tree so pretty much are all stubborn.

One of the hardest things about moving out of state was leaving my sister behind. For the first time in well over half a century, we wouldn't be less than an hour away from each other. Granted I'd live near my brother again and was a saving grace but not having my sister near was like leaving half myself behind.

It has proved to be a hard transition to become accustomed to.

She got upset with me one time when I visited Georgia for a couple of days and stayed at our old house in Newnan (I went back to clean out the house and garage) instead of staying with her. It took us four weeks to get past it.

We finally agreed to disagree about my decision and let it go... and did.

I know I sound like a brat, but my feelings have been hurt that she hasn't come to visit me here more often. She came once, at Christmas but we had Christmas at my brother's house this past year.

I want her to come see me.

I want her to want to come see me.

I want her (retired airline employee) to get on a plane and come down to spend just six hours with me one day.

Any day.

Any time.

Her pick.

Massey and I would pick her up at the airport, we'd drive to Cocoa Beach and be there in thirty minutes. We could sit in the sand, look at God's water bowl and laugh together for three hours. Then we could grab a bite to eat together and head back to Orlando towards the airport(near my house) stopping by our tiny rental first so she could see the pups and change clothes.

BOOM...back home in six hours, maybe seven.

I need an updated picture of Massey, her and me by the beach.

I know my sister has a lot going on. I know she does a lot more than I do and am proud of her relentless service for others.

Call me "Jealous you're such a good person but lonely in Orlando".

Call me selfish.

I've invited her her down several times for a get together at our brother's lake house but something always comes up.

She accepted my latest offer but had to decline the next day after looking at her schedule again.

I guess I need to realize the world doesn't revolve around me.

My bad.

Thanks to modern technology our latest spat has been via text. It got ugly, by sister standards. I got my feelings hurt, she tried to explain but all I read (and felt) was rejection.

She (called) back when I was at work, it was busy so just texted back "At work". She texted back for me to call her when I got off.

I didn't.

I didn't want to.

My feelings were hurt, probably not even valid feelings but my feelings at the time.

She called again this morning, didn't answer because I'm still pouting.

We'll get past this, at least I hope we will.

I feel like she thinks she has to take three or four days off to come visit me in Orlando.

I don't want that.

I just want her to take six or seven hours off, on any given day at any given point in time,check the flights and jump on a plane to spend four of those hours with me.

Webster's defines 'Squabble' as  "To engage in a disagreeable argument, usually over a trivial matter".

These past few days of being on the 'Outs' with my sister have been on my mind twenty four seven.

If our brother is mad at me, I'm scared. If my sister is mad at me, I'm broken.

I'm the nut in our family. I've always known it and they have too. I'm almost proud of it. It's my greatest accomplishment as their sibling. I'm the tie dyed black sheep of the family.

That doesn't necessarily make me the weakest link (of course I am) but totally makes me the hardest link to love, and appreciate the fact my siblings still do love me.

So me and my sister had a text spat.

Every thing's still going to be (hopefully) okay.

North Korea hasn't attacked...yet.

We are both worried and concerned about the same things. It's what makes us one. I just want us to be one again.

Webster's definition of spat is "to engage in a brief quarrel' and hopefully ours will be exactly that.

I love my sister and know she loves me.

"This too shall pass."

Yes I was a baby and exaggerated my disappointment by not replying to her text. Yes I had my feelings hurt.

How do do you heal that relationship?

With a silly love song?

What's wrong with that?

I can live (maybe) without technology, but I can't live without my sister.

Till next time...COTTON

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