Thursday, February 12, 2015

Really... A Friday The Thirteenth?

Zach took Ziggy out yesterday morning at seven thirty before he went to work. With Zach standing out there with him our little Houdinin saw something move in the woods behind the almost six foot fence and was over it in a New York  minute and off to the races.

I told Zach to go ahead to work and I'd go look for the idiot.

Here's MY thing. This dog has a great life here. He always has food and perhaps maybe sometimes slimy water until I notice and change it but is living large by dog standards. He's welcome to any piece of furniture he chooses to plop down on and gets plenty of love.

Damn,  hope I come back as a dog in my next life!

After four hours of searching began to think ole Ziggy was really Dog Gone for good. I called the Pound, he wasn't there so walked all the busy side streets off our subdivision to make sure he hadn't been hit by a car.

I called Massey at school to tell her of his latest escape and within ten minutes got a text from her that she found him and was talking with the lady now who had him.

I started to tell Massey to ask the woman if we threw in twenty bucks would she keep him?

Then I saw his face on FB where they found him at the elementary school right around the corner from us.

Maybe he was trying to learn to be a smarter dog. Can't blame a pup for trying.

I called the woman and embarrassingly enough had to ask if she could bring Ziggy back home? I didn't have a car at the moment...or at all for that matter but she brought the little rascal back about fifteen minutes later and was  actually happy to see our little bad boy.

Who'd think you'd find your dog on FB? Massey did and after just a few minutes of posting about his disappearance found this picture of him. Thanks to social networking we once again have three big dogs. Maybe we need to learn to be smarter!

I'm letting another one of the Lost Boys stay here on and off for a couple of days. We have plenty of room now and are handy to have around a house in much need of repair. He stayed here when I had to leave for work early so some dude could come pick up Tim's old non working car we sold on Craigslist. We got enough money to buy Tim a laptop for his new job and lots of groceries. Beats the heck out of it sitting in our driveway reminding us what terrible luck we have with cars every time we leave the house.

I got home from work later that night and found out he made the transaction, left the money for me and borrowed the bicycle in the garage to ride to work. Probably didn't help much that it had a really low tire and he couldn't find the pump but he said it went pretty quickly after he finally made it to Ace hardware three miles up the road where they gave the tires some juice. Bless his heart took him over an hour to peddle six miles but told me he was just happy to have a ride. By the time my dude came to buy the car he'd missed his ride to work. That's a nice Lost Boy.

Today I finally joined the credit union the rest of my family did a few years ago. Dang, the woman  tried to get me to apply for a loan on the spot. I declined but will keep that thought in my back pocket. Tim flies home tomorrow night from Texas to pack up and drive back in the only vehicle we have running.

I may go back and take her up on the offer.

So today is Tim's birthday. I'm pretty sure I don't sound as loud and look a lot better a thousand miles away.

Awesome present I gave him if you ask me!

So our crazy life continues to be crazy.

I'm beginning to see a theme here...or at least resemble it.

I aspire to resemble this, and will.

It may not get better every day but every day gives you a better chance at getting there.

Til next time...COTTON

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