Monday, February 16, 2015

Just Not A Fan Of Winter

This is how we feel in the south if it just snows one inch. We're not used to it, rarely prepared for it and certainly don't know how to drive in it.

With the threat of inclement weather all employees working tonight were instructed to bring an overnight bag in case they had to keep us to open the restaurant tomorrow. I packed my bag and went in at one this afternoon. It rained the entire way there but at least was only forty degrees.

I thought it would be slow, Mondays are always hit or miss. The tipping gods smiled on me and made a little over three hundred dollars. At nine o'clock it was still above freezing albeit raining cats and dogs and management gave me the go ahead to go home so I did. I'm off on Tuesdays and have learned to like and appreciate my days off.

We're far from being out of the hole the past few years put us in but close enough to the top of the hole to peer out. It's a beautiful sight to see!

Had it dropped below freezing while still at the airport would have been the first person to offer and stay. Last year when the airport shut down from freezing ice and snow most all the employees made about seven or eight hundred dollars in a single shift and was kinda looking forward to making that myself but with still forty degree weather outside decided to take my money and go home. Tim only has a couple more days before moving to Texas for a year and picked family over finance this time.

I clocked out a little before ten, went out through the security and stopped at the restroom I always stop at and fill my water bottle at the water fountain for the ride home.

Then it hit me.

I had left my overnight bag with all my makeup, and toiletries hanging on a peg at the restaurant. I had to dump my water bottle back out (can't take it through security)  go through security again and back up to the restaurant and retrieve my "Work Face".

My manager simply laughed when he saw me walk back in, over to the peg and walk back out with my bag.

I just rolled my eyes and said bye again.

By the time I got back to the parking deck it was pouring. I'm a nervous night time driver anyway, especially in rain. My eyes are terrible and haven't used my vision insurance yet.

Note to self:   USE IT SOON.

When I got on the interstate you (or maybe just me) couldn't even see the lines of the lane. I just simply followed behind the vehicle in front of me and hoped they could see.

I hit a patch of water, hydroplaned while going 55 and made me even more nervous.

Here's my first big gripe.


Are you stopping? Do you need help? Are you braking or are you just trying to kill us all?

I was a nervous wreck until finally saw my exit just ahead. Then I got even more discombobulated.

There were two cars on the right of the exit ramp pulled off with flashers on and another on the left.

At first thought it was a road block and rolled my eyes again to even think the cops would do this in such a terrible location.

I saw  (with my bad eyes) an elongated blob which appeared to be a woman standing outside her car door talking to someone in another one  so just slowed it down even more as I passed.

No one had arms up flailing, no one tried to flag me down. They had seemingly just decided the ramp was a good place for all three of them to pull off and confer.

That's bad weather and southern drivers in a nut shell.

They're idiots.

My twenty five minute drive took me thirty five but just felt good I had made it at all.

God help us all when we wake up tomorrow and temps are below freezing with all that water on the road.

At least thanks to my nerve wracking ride home I won't be one of them.

Til next time...COTTON

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