Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well, guess I'd better be ready because it's thirteen minutes into Christmas Day. Spent the day with my bestie, Massey. We  went to Ross Mess For Less and got ole Tim some new work clothes, two pair of nice pants and two shirts. Massey  asked what size pants we were looking for?

 Here's the thing about Tim. When I met him (over twenty  five years ago) he wore a 32x34 and thinks he still does. (he doesn't)

Now he looks like he's been squeezed into his pants with  a cookie press...not attractive. The first  time I brought home a pair of 33x34 he commented they were  the wrong size but wore them anyway and seemed  to be able to breathe and bend over a lot easier.
In the above pic he was a little heavier but still was okay with his 32's. For Pete's sake, Massey was seven by then.

I implore you, does the above photo (a year ago) look like the face of a man who wears a size  32 waist? Me no think so.  For Pete's sake, a size 34 waist isn't bad for a fifty one year old man  and he looks a lot better in pants that fit.

Today I stepped up to reality for my man and told Massey we were looking for 34x34. Here's the thing with a man, you  simply cut off the tag with the size on it and give it to them. Then they go  put the pants on (which now fit perfectly) look in the mirror and feel  good about how great  they look in their new jeans or slacks. Men are simple creatures and when  guided through life by a good  wife will go far!

We  came home and started baking. I decided to bake Christmas presents  for friends this year. It beats spending ten bucks on a crappy gift from Big Lots which would most probably get re gifted or sold in a yard sale.  This one comes from our heart...right into  their belly!

I made four dozen chocolate chip cookies, took my boss's advice and used parchment paper. They turned out fantastic! Massey made Rice Krispie treats while I tried my hand at cheese straws for the first time. It was trial and error but they ended up pretty good. We  ran out of time for the Danish  Wedding  cookies but will make those tomorrow. We delivered the tins and everyone seemed  to like them.

Massey took a tin to the older man who lives around the corner from us. I bought my beloved, Johnny Dear from him. He lost his wife last year around this time. Massey had sent him a letter for his birthday last month when his daughter posted on Facebook that if anyone wanted to make her father's birthday a little brighter, send him a note for his birthday. He framed Massey's letter and hung it on his kitchen wall. She wrote to him saying how she always drives by and sees him working in his yards. She told him her mother had bought the John Deere  from him and it was her prized possession. She said seeing him every  time she turned the corner always made her smile.

We took the tin to his house today and the driveway was packed with  all his kid's and grand kid's cars. We parked at  the end of the driveway and walked  to the front door. The kid who opened the door was his grandson, Zach. Talk about a handsome young man, he even made me blush. When we went in, his mom noticed it was Massey  behind me and said to her father "Daddy, here's someone you've got to meet!" He came around the corner of the crowded kitchen and said "Are you my birthday angel?"

When he hugged her tight, I knew I had brought my girl up right.

His daughter (a teacher at  the high school Massey attended) came up and hugged me, saying "You have a very special girl."

I had to agree with her.

Here's the  thing. My kids can (and do) wear me out and try my patience on a daily basis but know how to treat others and know how to Pay it Forward.

Zach goes next  door once a month and spends over an hour helping our old neighbor unload firewood from his truck. Zach will walk over and talk to him when he's outside for  thirty minutes at a time. I just get  in my car  to go to work and wave bye to him.

So here's the deal.

We're  monetarily poor but rich in what really counts. Love, compassion, caring  and paying it forward.

Come to think of it, my life is pretty full. I can't see how money could make it any better.

I'm loved by my husband, I'm loved by my kids. I'm loved by my sister and brother and  have the most excellent unobtrusive in laws a girl could ever dream of. I have a good job and have a house  that will be paid off in four years. I have people who love me, a brother in law who has helped us out time and time and time again and I have God, Who has made it all possible.

Yep, I'm one lucky old gal.

Be sure to click on the Jimmy Fallon video at the top, it's great. Hoping you all have a blessed Christmas.

Til next  time...COTTON

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