Sunday, December 29, 2013

It Was a Good Christmas

It came early and quick with Thanksgiving being so late this year and passed like a flash but was a pretty great Christmas. I paid for everything in cash and the kids got most everything they wanted and everything they needed.

Massey is the girl so was very explicit with her list. She wanted one of the cowl's Jennifer Lawrence wore in Catching Fire.


 I have a good friend from high school who crochets and made her one. It turned out awesome and think my friend may get quite  a few orders for more once Massey return to college with hers.

 She also wanted a small angel wing pendant to wear around her neck to hold some of my late Diddy's ashes. (yes I am a hoarder and saved some) We got her an opal ring (my momma's birthstone) and a super cute maxi skirt. I picked her up a few more little things and she seemed very happy. My brother got her a pair of kick a** knee high lace up leather boots and she got plenty from my sister, brother in law and her cousins. We went to my in laws on Christmas Eve and she came home with another load.

Zach got a much needed wallet, some nice sweaters, a few beanies he always wears and another pair of shoes. The boy owns two pair of shoes...all he needs "He says." I broke down and bought him an iPhone. I found it on Amazon. It's just like the one I have only there is a tiny quarter inch  crack in the upper left hand corner of the back. When the case is on it you  can't even see it and the people sold it because they updated to an 5s. I got it for one fifty and told him all he had to do was  pay to have it activated and choose a plan. Now I can have my phone back! He works late at  night and always have him take my cell in case something happens on  the road.

Massey and I went to Ross-Mess For Less and got Tim some nice dress pants and shirts. I made sure all the zippers and buttons  were there and worked  and sizes  were right. You gotta pay  attention at Ross'!

Everybody was happy Christmas morning. I was even surprised with a present from Tim and the kids.

It was a rough pre Christmas week. I got sick a week before Christmas as the Flu stampeded  through my workplace. I went to work every day came home, fell in bed and got up the next  day thirty minutes before I had to leave for work. I washed my hands at least fifty times a shift, was careful not to touch food  and coughed into my sleeve. My fever finally broke after four days and  started to feel somewhat better.  I should have gone to the Doc in the Box but thinking about how many presents I could buy with the money kept me away. I mean the Flu is the Flu. You have to be careful about contamination, wash your hands relentlessly and pump yourself full of vitamin C.  Not one of my regulars came back sick so guess I did a pretty good job.

I lost five pounds and my New Year's resolution was to gain ten. I'd better get to eating!

We all spent the day together and had a fantastic time. I know Tim's family is my family too...but THIS is my immediate family. No parents left, just three kids and the kids they've had. (or in Chris' case, spoiled)

TJ, my oldest was still in Australia. It was me,Tim, Zach and Massey. We went to my sister and brother in law's house joined by her  two sons and their partners. My nephew Casey and his fiancee brought her daughter, Ava (a delightful girl)

My sister gave my brother a sleeve of "Nose Cups." Funniest  thing I've seen in a while.

No the cup isn't clear, it's white with the nose and top lip printed on them.
Tim just hangs  around because he can't leave without us but know how much  he loves my ultra cool, fantastic and loving family.

We don't have a lot of money but got a butt load of love going on and always have each others back.
These three kids who all showed up, in outfits our Momma sewed to have our picture taken at Harlan Drive Day Nursery (where momma worked)  have grown up from this pic
and ended up still just as tight as we were on the back of our station wagon in the early sixties.

We had the greatest parents on Earth and that's a pretty  great start.
I've semi grown up and married a man who loves me unconditionally.

I grew up in Mayberry on Bayard Street In East Point, Georgia. Every minute, every  memory was pleasant and beautiful.

I may have had a few hard knocks since I've been in my middle age but what reassures me most is I will  always, ALWAYS have my sibs to fall back, rely and depend on.
None of us are this young any more but what makes me smile is that we are still this close.
My Momma (on the left) was younger than me in this photo and is the last photo taken of her. She died two days later when I was seventeen.

When my parents married (the above photo) I'm sure thought they had the entire world ahead of them and would be spoiling grand kids into their eighties or nineties.

Momma didn't make it long enough for even one grand kid, Diddy made it for six but blazed out early from West Nile virus in ten days. God takes the good ones early.

My brother, sister and I often talk about how lucky we are that our family takes the express checkout.

When you are a Leach, you live hard and you  love hard. You don't drag out your life, you simply do your best and then let go.

How you live your life every day is how you will be remembered. I try to think about that every  morning I wake up and draw a breath.
Here's to 2014.

I was born in 1960 and feel pretty lucky to still be kickin' in 2103.

Turn to your neighbor who you haven't seen outside in a while and ask what you can do?

Make a new friend and help them out no matter how insignificant it may seem. A car  ride or just an ear to listen .

See someone in need...that could have been  you.

I'm one of  the lucky ones and therefore is my destination to at least  try and pay it forward.

Hoping you all had  a happy and blessed  Holiday Season. Want to be blessed more?

Pay It Forward.

Blessed Beyond Belief, COTTON

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