Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Is Coming, The Tips Are Getting Phat

I was starting to get worried about Christmas. Waiting tables is a hit or miss job even if you  give excellent service all  the time. Some people simply don't get it.

Servers make $2.13 an hour. Taxes on your tips are taken out of that salary. Then as with most places, the server has to tip out to the bartenders on alcohol sales and also tip out to hosts and bus boys. So if  you leave a server a fifteen percent tip, they actually get eleven or twelve percent after tip out.

I've been struggling this holiday season. Sometimes you  get great tables and sometimes you get horrible tables. I've had a few bad ones, no one's fault just my luck of the draw.

Tonight was a whole new ballgame and restored my faith in deciding to be a professional plate and drink slinger for a living.

They were loving me and I was hitting all the marks. The cooks did an outstanding job and the job they do makes a huge difference in the way my night can go. Cooks are a temperamental bunch and can be complete A Holes at  times. They think we are all idiots and we think they all are. It makes for  lively conversation sometimes.

Tonight after they sent out my fourteen top flawlessly and not one thing was wrong, undercooked or overcooked during the biggest push of the night I went back to the expo line, peered through the window and said "Hey, North Korea, y'all did an awesome job tonight."

One of the newer  cooks said to another cook, "What's she talking about?"  One of the older cook's, who reads my Blog said "She says the expo window divides the restaurant. We're North Korea and  they're South Korea." (unless  you ask a cook, then it flips the other way)

I waited on five tables and walked out with almost two hundred dollars, (after) tipping out. I don't want to jinx myself because tomorrow night could be a disaster shift but just knowing I can still do it made my night and boosted up my confidence, which needed a boost.

Tim picked me up from work and I was in the back finishing up cleaning the tables from my last party when the owner hollered back (we were closed by then) "Kelly! Your husband's here for his half of your take." I walked out and said to Tim, waiting for me to finish "I only made twenty bucks tonight, baby."

Yes I work for and with some crazy folks but guess that's why I fit in so well. After almost four years of working almost seven days a week every week, the tide is slowly turning. I'm working six shifts a week compared to the thirteen I used to work and have actually begun to gain a little weight back and feel like we can make it now. Tim has a great lead on a full time job, all three kids are working and the tide seems to finally be turning our way.

I wasn't worried about Christmas for my family. I gave the kids a low budget and already have all of Massey's paid for. I'm paying for Zach's tomorrow and have already gotten a few other presents. I was more worried about the little girl we had adopted from  The Salvation Army. I was worried I had bitten off too much to chew but tonight changed everything...she'll have a great Christmas now and get everything on her wish list!

I heard a great quote last night. "Christmas isn't about what you  get, it's about what you give."

Here's another good one to remember. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

I am one of the most blessed people on the planet and don't think for  a minute that I don't realize it.

Charging ahead full steam. I still have eighteen days to go in our Holiday Season at the restaurant and have a good feeling about it.

This was the best Friday the Thirteenth I've ever had!

Til next time. COTTON

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