Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yep I'm a Dummy

So I was off on Monday. It's my only day off so absolutely love Mondays! My air was fixed all was right with my world so I hopped on my boyfriend Johnny Dear and cut the back yard. I always spend at  least fifteen minutes picking up rocks and debris the pups have strewn about the yard nearest the house. Once done I revved ole Johnny up and took off.

Number one I should have known better. I also cut my elderly neighbor's yard for them and ALWAYS cut with the mower blowing away  from the house so I don't damage their house with anything which might be flung from the mower.

With my own yard I'm not so careful...obviously.

I was on turn three around the yard when Massey came out the back door of the house shouting at me "Momma, you just shattered the dining room window"!

Unfortunately I didn't misunderstand her and looked behind me to see our double paned dining room window with a gaping hole and glass covering  the ground. I cut the mower off and went inside. The dining room window is right in front of our computer desk which is twenty feet in front of Massey's bedroom. There was glass every where. On the computer desk, on the dining room table, on the carpet and even in Massey's bedroom. I immediately threw up a little bit in my mouth and asked Massey to go get the vacuum cleaner. The pups were inside...standing well back with a definite "What the heck"? look on their faces.

Yep, I'm a dummy!

It took us a good thirty minutes to get up enough glass so the dogs wouldn't get cut walking around the dining room. We spent another thirty minutes getting the shards off the furniture.

I went out back and cut the rest of the yard, with the blade blowing away from the house like I should  have and always WILL do from now on.

Next I was concerned about losing my precious just newly fixed air conditioning flowing throughout my  house. I went out back and duct  taped saran wrap over the hole and went inside to finish cleaning up the shards of glass.

I went to Home Depot the next  day and bought two pieces of plexiglass to duct tape to the outside and inside of our shattered window and just grateful it was MY house I damaged and not my neighbor's.

It's on the back side of my house. No one can see it but us and serves as a reminder to always cut AWAY from the house.

My air is fixed, the temp in our house feels great and only have one shattered window.  As a bonus the back yard is cut!

I am probably the most blessed woman on the planet.

Tim has a great prospect for a new job, we're chilling again and once again am grateful for our many blessings.

My life has been full of knocks and challenges as of late but also makes me realize how much Karma comes into play.

I better live to be a hundred because I have a whole lot of Karma to pay back...and intend to do just that!

It's never dull around our house,  sometimes it's a battle but is a battle worth  fighting .

Thanks to too many to name ...we're making it!

Til next time...COTTON

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