Friday, June 28, 2013

Not a Good Day to Forget to Put on Deodorant

I went into work yesterday and around five  was on the showroom floor wrapping two chairs I had sold for pick up. I heard a tiny beeping noise, kinda like a notification on a cell or a home security alarm system. Then minutes later I knew what the beeping was when fire trucks pulled in out front.

The fire alarm system had detected something hot and alerted the county fire dept. At first I thought my hot flashes had done it.  But when wrapping the two chairs for delivery while alone in the store,  had un tucked my shirt and rolled it up underneath my size A bra. I tucked my shirt back into my shorts as three firemen came in the front door.

We walked the building together and nothing was amiss or on fire. They left and I rolled my shirt back up and tucked it under my bra again.

Went into work today and around noon heard not one little beep  but several. I immediately called the 911 number and said "Do NOT dispatch a truck, it's a faulty signal."

Five minutes later a fire truck rolled up in front of the building. CRAP!

They are finishing Academy Sports next  to us and had three different back hoes digging up the ground right next  to our building. The fire dude said it was probably them either changing the water pressure or slinging up so much dust that our system detected the change and sent out an alert. many times am I have to un tuck my shirt from my bra? It's already almost eighty  five degrees in the store and I'm trying to move some furniture!

With that problem solved I worked my way through  the lunch rush... peeps on lunch break looking at furniture.

I had a lull around three and pointed a fan on my chair and finished my book three in the  Game of Thrones series. Unfortunately I had forgotten to put on my deodorant after my shower this morning and that CERTAINLY didn't help. It's not like I'm a big sweaty pig but sure missed that dry feeling under my tiny yet strong arms.

We actually DO have air conditioning in the building but I only turn it on when I know I am about to have to load a bunch of furniture. It only takes about five minutes to cool the building off enough for me to finish the job without passing out. It amazes me how many grown men will stand idly by and watch me wrestle a recliner sofa onto a dolly , roll it off the showroom floor and out to the loading dock before  they ever offer to help. Sometimes I feel like saying, "You  look awfully familiar, is your name Dick?"

I sold a two piece leather sectional to  a soldier in fatigues yesterday and when I rang him up asked who was going to load it? I told him he was looking at her. (It's amazing what you can lift and load when you work on commission.)

He chuckled, shook his head and went to move his truck  to the loading area. I wrapped and moved both pieces to the loading area while he took a call on his cell but helped me load them in his truck and even took  the heavy end. What the heck, he's serving our  country. The least I can do is load a sofa for him!

I actually really like this furniture gig and think I am getting pretty good at  it. I've made some friends and made even more sales. I've also learned it's a "Dog eat dog" world in  the sales business and finally learned that if I sell peeps on something they  want to come back and buy  on a day that I am off to work them up a quote with my name on it so I get the commission. I bet I lost  a thousand  dollars before I caught on but that's  MY bad and a lesson learned.

So I am now at the furniture gig 36 hours a week and the restaurant twelve. I still have a day off  and  that's all I have ever day  for me.

My youngest  just graduated high school  and  balls to the wall  ready for  college. I will make it happen, somehow some way. Yes we are broke but where there is a  will  there is a way.

Five years  ago we were sitting pretty. Now we  are living hand to mouth.

We're still here and hanging on by threads but are Cotton's /Leach's and determined to succeed.

I'm skinny but I am strong! Don't count me out.

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